Bike Bug on Stingray?

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by kickbackcycles, Oct 28, 2012.

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    I have a working bike bug motor i was ridding around last summer. It was on a huffy good vibrations cruiser and a newer schwinn alloy cruiser. Would it work on a schwinn stingray musclebike? Would the 20" wheel be too small, and if it would work, would it be slower since there is very little weight over the front wheel of the bike.
    Here's a pic of the motor on the huffy.

  2. BchCruizer

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    Thats a sweet kit! It will work on a 20". I wouldn't recommend it. It wont be as stable as your beach cruiser. It works best on a 26".

    My little brother has a bumblebeebolton on his bmx bike and it scares me seeing him buzz around so quick on that little bike..he's dumped it a couple times.

    Also bikebug has a new and improved kit on there website! They buy kits from bumblebee and put there own sticker on it and sell it as a new and improved bike bug! I thought that was cool when i seen it for the 1st time. My buddy says he got the new and improved bike bug and i rode with him and looked at it and said dude thats a bee..I emailed the manufactor and asked them if it was the same kit and they told me about bike bug buying there kits and just changing the sticker!!
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