Bike Bug TAZ Spitz for Sale

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For sale: $150.
A vintage 23cc, Bike Bug, AKA TAS Spitz, Aqua Bug or Sears Free Spirit Engine. This is a front wheel friction drive motor.
I bought this engine from a friend. I have since purchased and installed the following parts.
spark plug
new fuel lines
new primer bulb and check valve
new fuel filter and check valve
new neoprene rubber drive wheel
new gas cap
new fuel pump rebuild kit
Manuals and additional paperwork included
It starts consistently, but will not run for more than 20 seconds or so. I know the fuel pump is working, and the spark plug is new. Unfortunately, I need the room in my workshop and I don't have time this winter to tinker with this engine. All told I have $150+ in parts and I want to sell it for what I have in parts. Plus UPS charges.
See this link for parts pricing.
There are no parts missing...everything you need to mount and run this engine is either new or in good shape. The pictures may not show it, but everything is there. Form.html
email me: mike at NJC dash IDS dot com.
Thanks, Mike


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