Bike Camper Trailer (Camping Anyone?)

Discussion in 'Bicycle Trailers' started by vegaspaddy, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. vegaspaddy

    vegaspaddy Member

    while surfing yesterday i found these camper trailers for bicycles,,

    they are made down under but are pretty impressive, sure would like to get my hands on one of those..... but then i would probably disappear and my wife and kids would ban me from my new toys, double edged sword if you know what i mean.

  2. eltatertoto

    eltatertoto Guest

    very cool, but more expensive than all of my bikes put together! lol
  3. Demosthenese

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    pretty cool!
    renamed for search engine accuracy :)!
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  4. We must get the plans. We must build our own.
    It must be bear proof lol.
  5. Abeagle

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