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    i was on my way to work and i seen to bikes one with a blinky light and one with out as i zoomed up to them i seen it was 2 Chicago cops..ohhh noooo i was like omg now what do i do ... the raod was bumpy comeing to the stop light i said to them man this road is the worst right here i think its to do with bad government he said no bad winter hahahah light turned green now iam in back and what do i do ..... there goin like 5 mph i waited ontill the lane had no cars they all passed then i back peddled gave it the gas then i thought they wound never catch me anyways but i no the radio can... so i keep it under 20 most the way to down that road i know they heard my motor they never realy looked it was a weird feeling

    anyone run up on this before

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    no, but where are you located? what part of chicago?
  3. MasterLink

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    i live by O"hare and work down town