Bike cutting of at max speed?



Once I really get moving fast on my bike it sort of all the sudden cuts of alot power. It doesn't happen imediantly but only once I sort of get to the max of my revs.(At least thats what it seems like) The engine doesn't turn of, it just looses all it's pulling power and the only way to get the power back is to let up all the gas for a little while and eventualy it's power returns. Is this because of my fuel mixture or somthing like that? I'm running about a 25:1ish mixture...any help would be appreciated!!!

Sounds to me like your float chamber is running low. The fuel draw exceeds the amount that is filling the float bowl and it cuts out a bit until you back off and it has a chance to "catch up".

You can remedy that a couple of ways.....adjust your float to sit a little bit lower, so the bowl fills slightly higher or make sure your fuel flow to the carb is perfect. ie check to make sure the filter is clear, gas line is short and not kinked and that the tank itself is draing into the works properly.
that's how mine acted when I had an air leak where my intake connects to the engine. the stock gaskets for these kits are crap. make a new one out of a cereal box.

A good idea to check your float while you have it apart. you don't want it to shut off the fuel to the bowl before its full.
Ok, could you guys brief me on how to adjust the float and fix a leak in the intake?

Werdna said:
Ok, could you guys brief me on how to adjust the float and fix a leak in the intake?


Okay...lets start with the air leak
the kit gasket will just kinda dissolve. I have good luck making my own gaskets.



float adjustment

inside the fuel bowl there is a thin brass "fork-like" mount that #1...holds the needle valve in place & ...#2 gives the float something to push against when the bowl gets full.

the fork thingy(...somebody help me out with the proper term....) can be gently bent upward to allow the float to rise farther, giving you more fuel in the bowl.

pic of needle valve in the open position.

closed position.

hope this helps.
i've been dealing with that symptom for quite some time. I'll head out in a few minutes to check out the float. thanks!