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  1. boatbuilder

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    I want to build this exact bike. I am trying to find out if anyone knows of the frame or kit available to make this exact bike? Any ideas out there on this bike?
    Please advise.

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  2. stude13

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    hi boat; search the pic gallery. i think its common. good luck mitch
  3. Turdrider

    Turdrider New Member

    Looks to me like

    a standard cantalever frame with a custom seat and triple trees. Should be pretty easy to duplicate.
  4. DougC

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    Since the frame is already chromed, I would suggest you start looking at lowrider bike sellers online. Chromed frames are pretty common among that crowd, and they don't cost much.

    This site shows two chromed frames, a normal one for $55 and a stretch for $85:

    Just make sure you get something for 26" wheels, not 20"s.
    The stretch chrome frame does not say which it is, but it looks like it's 26" to me, judging from the bottom bracket shell.


    I would also warn you that the bicycle in that photo is really pretty impractical for riding. The seat is WAY too close to the cranks for anyone but a younger child.

    If you figure that the wheels are roughly 13 inches radius, and that if you spun the pedals around they would come about "half a wheel" from the seat--that's about thirteen inches.
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