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    Quite often the white wire barely has enough power to light up a firefly, let alone a headlight and taillight combo. It is rated at 6 volts, 2 amps or 3 watts.
    They rarely actually produce the stated 2 amps.
    Some folks can get a taillight or dim headlight to work off of it though.
    If you try to take too much power from it it will kill the signal feeding the CDI box and you will have no spark.
    I have decided to steer clear of buying one of those add on generators because it has earned a mixed review. They still seem a bit weak on powering a good light system, but at least they do not affect the signal feeding the CDI box.
    If I am going to spend the $$ that Wonderful Creations is asking for it, it better perform alot better that I have read it will.
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    white wire: 6 volt, .5 amp, (3 watts.) (6 volts at 2 amps would be 12 watts)
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    Oops! :eek:
    Thank you for the correction, loquin!