Bike finished. Engine on the way. =]

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    What's up guys? I've been interested in motorized bikes for a while, and I'm very excited to finally be building one of my own. The chassis, which consists of a modified 1960's (I'm guessing) western flyer found rusting in my grandpa's barn, is more or less finished (minus a handbrake).

    My original plan was to use a sachs km48 or km3 wankel rotary engine. But after realizing the level of commitment that would be required to get a rotary powered bike going due to scarcity of engines, parts, and information on small wankels, I chickened out and opted for the ever popular China 2 stroke. It's just so much more practical. (Still hoping to go rotary someday, though.) I ordered a 66cc slant head kit from BGF on ebay. Should be here this week. I can't wait :grin5:

    So glad I found this forum. I've learned so much about bikes and small engines already. Keep up the good work mb dudes :yes:

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    Welcome....put it together right..the engine that's not out of the box. Needs some tinkering.