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    To all you 4strokers out there, Im looking for a decent bike to mount a EZM Q-Matic or a honda engine too. I have a 2 stroke right now but need a more reliable way to get to work.

    Let me know what kind of bike you have. A pic would be nice too.
    Im not trying to bite anyones ideas just trying to figure out which bike Im going to use.

    Thanks alot


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    Most thumper riders use a traditional beach cruiser frame. Thumper motors are taller.
  3. bikeman6969

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    bike size

    this bike will work

    this is the bike i bought it is theright size and the motor fits in the frame with plenty of room
  4. 4-stroke bike

    Hi there, well I have used 1962 Schwinn Tornado, 1963 Murray cantilever, 1980 Murray Cantilever, and I'm mounting one in a "crank forward" Electra, and it is requiring a custom mount. I put one in one of my "board track racer" frames.

    I have seen them in Modern Schwinn, 1999 Whizzer, a Schwinn 2-bar, 1957 Schwinn Corvette, Schwinn Del Mar, Schwinn Jaguar, and one in a Felt Red Baron.

    I hope this helps,


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