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    I am looking to build a motorized foldable bike to go in the experimental airplane I built. We will use it to get into town after landing at small town airports and as a pit bike to buzz around the airport.

    I currently have a 16" folder that we carry in the plane, but would like to motorize it. FD looks to be the simplest, but I am open to all ideas.

    Top speed is not a concern (15-20 mph is fine), but weight is. The 25cc Robin FD looks enticing

    I welcome the thoughts of all those who have gone before me.


  2. seanhan

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    Look at dimension edge in montana they have fd folders.. And interchangeable drive rollers..
  3. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I'd look at BMP's new chain drive or belt drive kits.:detective:

    Welcome to the club!:grin5:
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    I recently mounted a Staton friction drive with Robin EH035 on my cruiser bike, it was super easy. I bet you could mount it on your folding bike easy peasy.