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    Hello im new here this is my second post and about to start my second build, Ive stripped my new frame which is an old steel daimondback mnt bike frame.

    Ive been doing some research on powder coating but it seems you would need a large enough oven to cure this type of application and i dont think a heat gun would work.

    So my question is what are my options here and where can i purchase everything? i dont have a large budget but i want to make it look nice whether its a glossy or matte finish.

    Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

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    I'm no expert but this is my process and suggestion:

    Wire brush and or paint strip the frame back to bare metal.

    Clean using a product such as prep-sol or a generic wax and grease remover

    Etch Prime (Spray can OK, I use 3M)

    Wet Sand to at least 400 grit 800 or more preferable.

    Clean and Prep-Sol very well, once clean don't even touch the bike frame.

    Spray Acrylic in the color of your choice at least 2 coats. (Spray gun preferred)

    Sand, prep sol and recoat until it looks awesome.

    Prep Sol

    Apply Decals if desired.

    and then a 2Pac clear over the top for a nice durable finish. My experience with 2pac top coats is fantastic you can literally strike it with a hammer.

    The only thing you need to be aware of is that the 2pac clear will change the color tone slightly.

    A little trick that I have learnt is to setup a number of heat lamps for a few hours before you spray, if the bike frame is slightly warm when you spray it seems to help.
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    Awesome thanks,

    Any suggestions on where I can find etch prime,prep sol and 2pac?
    Auto motive store? How about acrylic paint?
    Also when you say wet sand you mean sand paper correct?
    Sorry new to this paint stuff
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    just remember, prepping the surface is about 80% of how to get a good paint job.
    keep everything clean because even the oils from your skin can cause the paint not to stick.
    wipe the frame down between every coat of primer and paint that you put on it.
    if the weather is humid, it will take slightly longer for the paint to dry.
    if you paint enamel, you can pretty much paint it in any weather and still get a good finish(but drying times will vary). if you paint laquer, the humidity will cause the paint to haze and possibly develop fisdh eyes (water from the air trapped under the paint), orange peel (wrinkled paint).
    if you have never painted anything, keep it simple and use Krylon or plastic coat paints in spray cans.
    Make sure to get the same brand of primer as you do paint, because it's not really a good idea to mix brands because possible reactions between the 2 can ruin a paint job.
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    ok thanks for your replies ill keep all this in miind and try to post pics when im done thanks again.