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    Hey all..I just installed an 80 cc on my GT ..the GT has disc brakes. im slumped..what should i do? on the left handle there is a front brake lever with a 3 speed gear shifter ..the right handle bars have back brake lever and 6 gear shifts ..should i leave the front disc brakes ? install brakes for the back? is there a conversion brake kit ?
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    I'm not understanding the problem. Is there a part that doesn't fit? If so, which part is it.
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    OP search for dual clutch/brake lever. I think that is what your asking.
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    just searched ..Yes! ..thats what i need! thanks!
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    Is your current brake lever combined with the shifter? If it is, the dual pull might not help you, as it won't solve the gear changing situation, you still need the shifter. I fancied one for mine, but the only way I can think of making it work is to do away with the 3 speed shifter altogether. I never use the gears anyway; I fitted an engine so I didn't have to!

    Have you managed to fit the rear sprocket on around the rear disc? That will probably cause hassle too, though I think there is a conversion kit available.

    Good Luck, hope it works out for you.
  6. Fabian

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    You need to get a dual-pull brake lever, then you need to get rid of the thumb trigger shift lever and replace it with a SRAM X7 Rear Derailleur Grip Shifter, but attaching it to the left hand side of the handle bars.

    This has many benefits in that you can operate the rear derailleur and the front derailleur "all" from the left hand end of the handle bar, whilst still operating the throttle on the right hand side.
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    ok got it thanks! yes i did get the sprocket on fine ;)
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  9. KCvale

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    This is THE best dual pull brake lever.

    $12 from SickBikeParts

    It has a teeter-todder action inside to self adjust so the pull on each brake is the same, even for different brake types like front disc and rear V.

    For your rear shifter just put a rotary shifter for the rear on the left, it's upside down but works great. If you have a front derailleur just remove it completely and manually put the chain on the front sprocket you like for pedaling as you'll never need it anyway.

    The best rule of thumb is one rotary and one lever control on each side.
    On a 2-stroke that means the throttle and brakes on the right, shifter and clutch on the left.

  10. Fabian

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    This is what you should get, and make sure your bike is either an (original spacing) 8 speed.

    If your bike is fitted with an 8 speed cassette, you are in luck, because an 8 speed system is much more tolerant of rear derailleur misalignment and is much less susceptible to ghost shifts from chain bounce.
    Please be aware that the SRAM X7 Grip Shifter (otherwise known as a twist shift or twist shifter) is a 1:1 ratio mechanism, so your rear derailleur needs to be a 1:1 ratio mechanism.

    The big advantage of a grip shifter operating the rear derailleur (installed on the left hand side of the handle bar) is that it allows you to operate both the grip shifter "and" the front derailleur lever at the same time; by rolling your left hand (thereby twisting the shifter) and using your left thumb to flick back the front derailleur lever. The same is true if you need to go from low range to high range, but you just push the lever forward.
    It might not sound like something of great importance, but lets say you are in high range 3rd gear and suddenly need to drop into low range 1st gear, you can operate both the front derailleur and the rear derailleur at the same time; using just your left hand, whilst simultaneously modulating the throttle tube and front brake lever with your right hand (using a dual pull brake lever).

    The ergonomics of the handlebar control mechanisms do not get any more perfect than that !!!

    If you scroll to 1:10 on the video you can see how the ergonomics are set up, with one hand being able to operate the grip shift and front derailleur lever and horn and clutch lever; without having to take your hand off the handlebar.

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    ok awesome...thanks! i will order that ;)
  12. Fabian

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    Make sure you get the SRAM X7 Twist grip in the "8 Speed version", because it is made in 8 Speed and 9 Speed variants.

    Some sites allow you to click on a tab to select either 8 speed or 9 speed, but they usually default to 9 Speed if you don't click on the 8 Speed Tab.
    Make sure that you contact the site and have it confirmed that they have 8 Speed in stock, because some jokers don't know the difference.

    My advise is that you also order a SRAM X5 long cage rear derailleur, as these are designed with a 1:1 ratio, and, they are reasonably durable as well as being relatively cheap.