bike has NEVER idled no air leaks bike NEVER even tries to idle need help please

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by motofrustrated, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. motofrustrated

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    So as the title says my bike has NEVER idled. But runs at all ranges nicely though it does 4 stroke some, I'm starting to wondering if its due to the timing or gearing in the crankcase (god I hope not cause the crankcase timing/gearing is still beyond my current understanding). What I really need help with first off is if anyone living and/or operating a motorized bicycle in Penticton BC who has a yd cns carby that idles and runs perfectly well, I need to know what size main jet and pilot jet sizes you are running to have a somewhat starting point please help me!!!.

  2. butterbean

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    Get an NT carb.
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  3. crassius

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    if it is a standard 2-stroke motor, I'd agree that a standard carb will work much better on it than a CNS
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  4. HeadSmess

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    dro pthe needle all the way down (e clip on top notch) might lean out the bottom a bit and let it idle a bit.

    assuming its stalling...not revving its ring off at idle?

    if its revving...go the other way...raise the needle.
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    I think I found the problem ^_^ I don't know for sure till I ride it today though. But apparently my clutch plate was fully tightened into position where as the clutch was always engaged to the motor and would never disengage from the motor no matter what you do to the clutch cable or lever, I can only assume that that was from the distributor or manufacturer either way I think I've got it now. ^_^ Thanks for all the help and advice guys^_^. Also if anyone lives in Penticton BC with a fully working motorized bicycle I'd still love to know your jetting sizes and fuel/oil mixture?
  6. motofrustrated

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    tested it the clutch plate was the part at fault had a full dead stop idle that lasted 2 full minutes before dieing with some 4 strokeing.
  7. motofrustrated

    motofrustrated New Member

    So now I am close to a fully working motorized bicycle^_^. Now I just need to retune it yay lol^_^.

    Anyone living in Penticton BC I would still love and appreciate getting your jet sizes and fuel/oil mixture please?