Bike is regestered in Florida!


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9:55 PM
Jan 18, 2008
Just put my tag on today! I am now legal. I had to document that it wont go more than 30mph, less than 2 hp, that it has pedals and an auto clutch and single speed,and a picture. I also have a tag for the other bike.


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any reason why you registered it? The laws i've read say it isn't necessary to register a motorized bicycle.
You r right I really did not have to but I got pulled over in largo and the sargent of traffic said I could only ride it on private property, so I brought all the laws with me and met him at the station and got into a long talk about the laws, to make a long story short be finally said about the only thing 1 of his officers could ticket me for is no registration,so I did it just so I could pass through Largo without a hassel. I have asked 7 sheriffs and a st.pete beach motorcycle cop about the bike and they did not have a problem with it, they said if the motor was running keep it off the sidewalks. The motorcycle cop that pulled me over thought it was cool and wanted to build 1 for himself and was very nice about everything,but he said he would ask his supervisor about the legality of it and would have his sup. call me if there was a problem,so a few days later I got the call, I was getting no where on the phone with him, thats why I went to meet him.
I'm all in favor of individual freedom of expression and congratulate you on finding a solution you are happy with. That said, I am all about less government, less red tape,expense,needless intervention into personal affairs, etc,etc... If registration works for you, I'm glad for you... I myself would rather walk than pay a dime in fees, be subjected to "the mans' whims". For me, the whole point of MTB is getting out from under the thumb and rule of big daddy government.........
Good on you! It's a pity that you should feel it necessary to pay fees and take action not legally required just to keep the fuzz out of your hair, but as you say, it's worth it to avoid the hassle. Glad you met with the sergeant and educated him a bit - maybe he'll pass it along.
So now are you a 'motor vehicle'? (not you, the bike):)
Do you now have to have turn signals, brake lights, etc.?
About 15-20 years ago I owned an Indian 4stroke "moped". It had to be registered, all Fed. DOT equip. etc. Back then it cost me $12.00 US but it was a 'forever' plate; didn't need to renew every year. And I wouldn't have anyway. LOL Times obviously have changed and I still won't give them a dime. In your case tho, Craig, you have some serious investments there and I can understand you putting out a few bux to keep using them.
I am still a motor assisted bicycle, the registration says moped because in DMV,s computer there is no selection for motor assisted bicycle, They created me a vin. # even though its not titled. Yea I know its still confusing!
Ouch. I think I will stick to the back streets and behave myself, and maybe i will not be noticed.