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  1. Bike kit decision for schwinn stingray---please look---

    Hey guy's,

    I'm very new to this forum, in fact I only signed up a few hours ago. Anyway, I am seriously thinking of buying a 70cc motor for my schwinn stingray bike. Now, I have found a bike kit on ebay for $120.00 buy it now, and I was wondering if this kit is what I want to motorize my stingray. I also am looking at another seller that is selling a kit for 189.00. If anyone at all has had any expereince with these sellers or their motors, I would love to hear from you. I really am just asking for some good info about these two motors and their sellers. And also, if there is going to be certain ajustments I might need to make to make the kit I buy fit my schwinn stingray. Thank you so much in advance!

    ps. I have included the item's URL here:
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  2. croniebones

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    It's really a 70cc engine, not an 80. That's called advertising hype. You will need to do a lot of homework if you want to get a deal on ebay....or just order one direct from that'sdax (ebay I.D. dacscommm) he's got great after the sale service!
  3. I just looked at his motors. They look nice. So you have bought from him? Let me know. Thanks.
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    Check over there in the left corner and you will see ThatsDax. Dats dax. THe Happy Time Chinese motors 2 strokes have come down in price. Be sure to check the shipping as some really jack you on the freight. Big difference in shipping between vendors. Welcome to the forum and hope you get what cha want
  5. Yes, that is actually one of the links that I provided for one of the choices I was considering. The first one's shipping cost is $55 and the second, $30. So I think that will make a diffierence in my decision. Thanks for the comment, and keep them coming! :grin:
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    If your choice is going to be between ThatsDax and PowerKing, here's my observations (from reading, not hands on). I've heard pretty good experiences with both products. However, Dax cruises this site, and has an excellent rep for service.

    Just remember that there seems to be a direct connection between how you ride and how long the engine will last.
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    Three kits from that'sdax, no problems, great after the sale service!!!
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  9. Ok, Thank you guy's so much for the comments. If ANYONE at all has had a personal expereince with any of the two motor sellers I am considering buying from, just leave a short comment about what you think about it. Thanks.
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    I've bought 2 boygofast engines. Each kit shipped had some sort of damage. Both kits had dented gas tanks, one kit has frayed throttle cable that couldn't be used, paint quality poor on everything painted.
    One engine (roller bearing) failed but it was at a very high speed going down hill.

    For a first time newbie, I would recommend a Dax kit which has a great warranty.
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    You can bid on Dax's motors on e-bay and usually get a better price than on his web site. 3 of 4 motors I have bought (3 for me and 1 for a friend) I have bought from Dax work great. I screwed one up.
    Customer service is above and beyond and he's rather patient.
  12. Ok, we'll see what happens. My father just told me that I would have to pay for half of the motor...even though it's by birthday...but it's better than nothing. Anyway, thank you guys so much for all of your comments! And please keep them coming! I'm very happy to see so many responces. :grin:

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    I have used over twenty engines with the brass bushings from Daxs,have not lost one yet.I use Lucas High Temp Racing Oil 2cycle smokeless semi-synthetic in all my 2 stroke engines.Duane has excellent customer service


  14. Where can I buy that oil?
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    I get mine at O Reilly Auto. Advance Auto carries some of the Lucas products. I use a mixture of 25 to 1

  16. Great thanks.
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    I got the boygofast "80cc" kit and it's all it's cracked up to be, if not more.

    Only disappointment is the incredibly cheezy clutch lever... but I took a brake lever off a junk bike and it's all good!

    When you hold that cardboard box covered in Chinese letters, that could hold a computer case/CPU, and it's only 22 lbs... you'll get that magic tickle, that says, I can't believe this will propel me 30 mph!
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    I've bought two motors from dax and they are everything I had hoped. Perhaps even a bit better.

    From what I can tell he has a great reputation. (And I've looked quite a bit)

    When I need more, he is practically guaranteed the sale. Perhaps I'll consider one or two others who seem to have good reputations, but I'm already pretty sure I'll go with the one that has worked for me already.

    So have fun. And enjoy the ride.

    (Apologies to Dax for stealing his closing line. But it's a good one. And I'll try not to over-do it. :)

  19. Great, thank you for posting!
  20. All I can say also is enjoy the ride. :grin: