Bike Kit Wiring (please help!)


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Jan 29, 2020
Northern Kentucky
I have a bike engine kit from (their Black Stallion 66/80 two stroke) and installation has gone alright so far except for a missing nut and bolt.
But the wiring has me stumped. there are two wires coming from the kill switch (black and green) and three from the coil (blue, black, and white). There are two receptacle wires (blue and black), each with receptacles for two wires. So one of the wires can't go anywhere, and additionally some of the wires aren't the right size for the receptacles.
In the video (there isn't an instruction manual) the guy just says "put the black with the black and the blue with the blue". Does anyone have experience with this kit? I'm not sure what to do.
ok white fold up and tape off. Blue from cdi blue from magneto and green kill switch connect together. Now black from cdi and black from magneto connect together . Ok last one black from kill switch connect to ground.
Ok, to clarify:

Get rid of white.
Blue from coil + green from kill switch + blue from magneto
Black from coil + black from magneto
Black from kill switch to ground.

Is that right?
The black wire from the coil is grounded to the engine, so blue to blue and one kill switch wire, then black to black and the other kill switch wire. It doesn't matter which kill switch wire you use for each, the kill switch is a normally open circuit that grounds out the ignition when you press it.