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  1. Drfefe2

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    I am interested to know if any of you guys ride your happy time engines in marked bike lanes. We have many really nice bike trails here in Minneapolis but sometimes I feel a bit awkward passing people on narrow bike trails. I have already spoken to the Dmv about the legality of MB and they are "unregisterable so I don't have to worry about licensing it".
    This also gets me thinking. When you ride what do you pretend to be? A moped riding in the road keeping up with traffic? A bicycle on the side of the rode and sidewalks? or a little bit of both? I ask this question not with legality in mind but more of biking etiquette. I always feel like I am being rude when I ride in bike lanes; what do you think>?>

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Well, here in Illinois the bike paths usually have signs that say, "NO Motor Vehicles".

    That's pretty cut and dried. So I stay clear. Though I might use one someday if necessary with the engine off.

    And when I ride I behave pretty much like a bicycle on the edge of the road.
    I don't even try to mix with traffic.
  3. Nuttsy

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    Bike path-no; not on my MB. Sidewalk-NEVER! Not with a MB. Bike lanes- yes; always. That's what they're there for! What gets me P/O'd is when some jogger jerk thinks they can only jog in the road when there are sidewalks. Here in FLA. it's a state statute that ...when there is a sidewalk, pedestrians are not allowed in the street... Yet the po-po do nothing. Why is this a sticking point for me? The jogger is facing traffic and can see all. You on you bike are riding WITH traffic and head on at the pedestrian. Even with a mirror you are still at risk as now you have to swerve INTO the traffic lane to avoid the idiot.
    A machete seems like a good learning tool! :)
  4. TracyT

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    Bike path - No
    Bike lanes - Yes
    Sidewalk - No

    And I also ride like I'm a bicycle and stick to the edge of the road whenever possible.
  5. jamesburr36

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    I ride in bike lanes when I can. It's reall up to the local municipality who sets the rules here in california. Never on sidewalks unless I'm pulling up to a bike rack to lock up.

    I ride in the middle of the road lanes like a motorcycle while riding downtown where there are many stoplights. I figured riding in the bike lane was more dangerous when a ******* driver wrecked me while making a right turn in front of me. Fractured rib, elbow and wrist from that. Blocking the lane prevents them from cutting me off like that besides my bike is able to keep up with traffic downtown.

  6. Nuttsy

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  7. I treat my MB as a bicycle. On the bike trails they even have me on the tee vee.
    That means I rule lol!!
    I do display proper etiquette though. I let other bikers pass me. I ride slow.
    When I do this most everyone doesn't seem to mind.
    There's always that one exception but we cannot change the world.
    One trick I like to do it works to a tee.
    When I see a dude or lady with or even without a dog or a fellow rider I shut my engine off and pedal. BUT when I pass him I act like I'm straining and I breath heavily. When I pass bikers that are slower and going the same direction I pedal along so it seems like the engine is simply helping me out. And as I pass them I breath heavily.
    So to them they are subconsciously thinking "Yea. This dude needs his engine. It's not like he's terrorizing the roads. And he shut off his engine so my dog doesn't freak out. He's cool with me."
    It even works if you are not fat like jolly old me. Nowadays even skinny people can have a condition where strenuous exercise cannot be done.
    There is my advice.
    Go now Danielson.
  8. jamesburr36

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    I feel safest driving on the shoulder on the freeway however I feel a little nervous near the offramps.
  9. Nuttsy

    Nuttsy Member

    Glad to see you let the politics slide by and stuck around. Always enjoy your 'insights' !

    FREEWAY!....YIPES! Is that legal where you are? Even so, that would take some hair.
  10. jamesburr36

    jamesburr36 Member

    The freeway of which I speak is Highway 101 in Northern California. It's legal to ride bicycles on the shoulder here. I think I actually got it up to 45 mph with wide open throttle at one stretch. That was crazy and hair raising. As I mentioned, those off ramps make me nervous because those cars are approaching me from behind and crossing my path at a much greater speed.

    The CHP hasn't given me any trouble being out there however I won't ride on the interstate freeways.

  11. SirJakesus

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    I had somebody almost do this to me a few days ago. What really cheesed me off was that they clearly had to have seen me there. Luckily there was enough pavement to swerve and gun the gas to get out of the way. It was a volvo driver, for some reason they're always trying to kill me no matter what I'm driving.
    Always watch out for volvo drivers, they buy the cars because they're pi*ss poor drivers and have already been in accidents and want to feel safe inside their steel cage.
  12. autobo7

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    Hey I have a volvo! but back on topic....:p

    bike lanes: heck yeah!

    side walks: never

    bike paths: usually avoid, and never with motor

    Road: I will stay on the edge, and even pull off if i see a big rig comming if the speed limit is over 35, but any thing under i ride in the middle of the road, but my bike can keep pace with 25-30mph traffic, and I signal turns
  13. jamesburr36

    jamesburr36 Member

    What got me was all those people that chided me for not getting the car's plate numbers and calling the police. I was too busy flying over my handlebars and the idiot drove off before I hit the ground.

    I still have yet to receive the ER hospital bill for that stunt.
  14. Mountainman

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    Well - we shouldn't be on any bicycle paths here in Ca.. Bicycle lanes they say are for MBs also - but let's face it - if we are going over 25 mph - maybe the bike lane is not best ?? Main thing - drive safe.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  15. flyer1

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    We have a multi-use path in my town with the same "no motorized vehicles" signs.It is not heavily used,particularly in summer (110 everyday).I use the path constantly because I feel it's much safer than the roadway.The "authorities" pass me all the time and have never stopped me.I don't think we are motorized vehicles as we are not governed by the DMV in Arizona.It may become an issue in the winter with all the older folks walking their dogs and such,we'll see.The GEBE r/s 35 kit is so quiet people don't here you coming so you need to use caution when approaching........Bill
  16. Bronzebird

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    First trip out of my neighborhood- 40 minute round trip

    I've been buzzing around a 4 mile radius at 17-20 mph. Today went on a 20 minute ride to my local collage to buy books. On the way their I rode on the "wide" shoulder of a 50 mph highway. Comming back I rode in the bike lane of a 35 mph arterial. I prefer the highway because their is less stops and less man hole covers and drain grates. I rode the loop because I want to "expose" the bike to as many people and Cops as possible. I saw 2 state patrol and 2 local cops. None seemed to even notice I was not pedaling! I feel more comfortable now that the HT is not a issue as of yet in the capitol of Oregon. I keep the muffler quiet and have a Bicycle helmet, headlight, and side mirror. I have had to blast a loud "Cat Call" whilstle to get pedestrians and even stopped cyclist clear the bike lane and get on the SIDE WALK!

    I use the car left hand turning lanes which means I use hand signals to change lanes in traffic.
  17. NunyaBidness

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    here in Memphis the majority of drivers don't have any respect for bikes, motor or no motor. So, I ride in the lane just to the right of middle. If I ride close to the curb these same stupid people will try to pass me without getting out of the lane and come way too close when passing. Some of them get ****ed and I just tell them if they don't like it to ride the bus.
  18. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    above - work pretty well here in Calif -- also

    In regards to Nuttsy's post above --
    yes - some of those joggers seem to think that they own the bike lane !!

    Oh well - Ride That Thing - Mountainman