Bike locked up, maybe clutch?

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    I have had my motorized bicycle for a couple months. I got it brand new and have been using it regularly but trying not to push it because I'm a bigger guy and I know I have been in the break in period. However, the other day I was riding around town like I often do and it was running fine, but when I got back to my place to park it and then tried to start up again to go somewhere else I couldn't pedal because the back wheel wouldn't move even though the clutch lever was pulled so it should have been disengaged. I have since gotten the back wheel rolling but from time to time to locks up like the clutch is still engaged and then frees up. I have tried adjusting the clutch cable and there is no slack but it's like no matter how far the clutch arm is pulled it won't free up. But if I give the bike a little push it seems to go back to like if the clutch was disengaged. Does anyone know what is wrong. I'll try to get some video soon.

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    Your chain has locked up in the side of the clutch cover most likely, take the side of your clutch cover off and take a look, the chain was probably too lose and popped off the small cog and got stuck on the case.
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  3. If thevclutch bar on the engine seems to be or feel like it's working properly? I would do what my dad says and also they sell little spacers to prevent that from happening to keep the chain from jumping off inside the clutch plate.

    I myself have a problem I am getting air leak in my carburetor I have changed the carburetor 3 times"!! And yes three different carburetors brand new. Yes till the engine screams like a bitch as soon as I pull in the clutch
  4. I have had that problem before. I fully disassembled and cleaned the carburetor and it worked but I think the major thing was adding an o-ring where the carburetor connects to the intake manifold.Getting a new carb isnt really necessary usually.

    The chain seems to be fine after checking on it I think something is likely jamming up the clutch plate so I'm gonna take the cover plate on the opposite side of the motor than the chain to check on it.
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    I took the covers on both sides off but it looks like the chain was perfectly fine on the sprocket and the clutch was working after I adjusted it but it still locks up when engaged. It is like there is something keeping the little gear from the motor from spinning. With the clutch engaged you can barely move the bike at all and the gear from the motor lurches and snags. I feel like this is seeming more and more like a non-fixable problem and I may just be out of luck.
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    P.s. I live in the near south side of Chicago and if you know anyone who I could take it to near here that could help I really need some help.
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    did you try rolling bike with spark plug out?
  8. I have an idea. Now I will be the first to admit I do not know that much about the inner workings of a clutch in these engines.HOWEVER.......
    Is it possible when this engine was assembled that when the clutch arm was put on it was possibly put on 180 out? So no matter when you engage or disengage the clutch , it's always going to be in gear or inbetweem and therefore Meaning however you position your clutch handle for the clutch arm on the engine IT will never operate as it should? It's just not going to revolve.
    I think in one way or another, it was either assembled improperly and broke something inside? Or is Steve said taking apart and put back to standard. Do you have cable tensioner on the clutch cable so that it moves back and forth the way it's supposed to? I don't know about anyone else but I've had some pretty simple things cause some very major problems and then when I found them I couldn't believe it was right in front of me. The entire time!
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