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Discussion in 'Stolen Bicycles & Security' started by mightymouse33, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. mightymouse33

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    OK so I looked around in the forum and did not see too many security/anti theft posts....maybe im blind and please tell me if I am b/c I did look... Now I havnt personally used to many different types of locks but it would be cool to hear from anyone who has had luck with the lock of there choice. I also found a lock by a company called Axa. The lock is called the defender and it seems to be pretty nifty but I do not know if it will fit most bike tires. My wheel is 26" x 2.125" and im not sure if this will work. If anyone knows or has any other suggestions for different brands/types of locks please inform us all. Bike theft kinda blows

  2. sparky

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    I prefer something that coils and wraps around a pole, signpost, rack, something... some like keys, others like the digit coded locks. I always liked keys, because they're quicker and more secure. But lately, I've been very forgetful, so I just bought two locks at WalMart - one keyed, one keyless - for about $14. I'll see for myself which one I like better again.
  3. mightymouse33

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    Yeah thats what I figured I would do for the first lock.. Chain is strong but heavy and keys help but can also get lost so I think finding the thickest combination cable lock is best and then just couple it with a second line of defense to be sure
  4. caddymankc

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    Those cheapo walmart locks aren't going to do a whole lot if someone really wants your bike, one cut with a bolt cutter and your bike is gone.I bought a few feet of chain that wasnt too big but was strong, i then used a outdoor masterlock that is almost unbreakable. My motor bike and my bmx bike are the only ones i lock up around here..
  5. I have a GOD lock. When a thief tries to steal my bike GOD throws a lighting strike at the perpetrator.
    So far,GOD hasn't needed to do this to anyone yet.
  6. fetor56

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    If u find an American outlet for these locks please let me know....a friend is going to India in 3 mths but i would rather have the Dutch type.
  7. sparky

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    The thick coiling locks would take more than one cut... but if "someone really wants your bike", all they gotta do is drive around with a truck & a portable grinder (or a power inverter & AC grinder), and they can have any bike they want.

    There's really nothing you can do about somebody that serious who's watching your every step. I think as long as the bike is locked to something solid in the ground... you're gonna be fine. But, of course, your location could be a bit more brutal than mine, but I find that pretty hard to believe.
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  9. Zev0

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    WOW a hundred bucks for a bike lock. But it's insured for up to $3500. So I guess it's a good deal. I sure wouldn't want to lose my ride. I'm considering.
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  10. Yea Cronus pretty much screams "TAKE ME!"
    MOOP too but not as bad.
    I have a Wal Mart lock.
    Maybe I should get a good chain lock and like two more home made locks via lowes. At least the good chain lock will keep things straight. The other two locks just so the thief will think twice.
  11. sparky

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    I'd still be able to cut that lock with a grinder & take your insured bike. Sure you'd get your bike back... eventually... but you're definitely out $100 for the lock.

    But I don't think most people go around town with portable grinders...
  12. mightymouse33

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    Ha I keep a portable grinder in mi back pocket:grin: Kryptonite and Onguard have some of the best locks I have seen but its more for looks and I can see that.... Oh and someone wanting an axa lock can go here to buy one.
  13. fetor56

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    Thanks mightymouse...i'll follow this up.
  14. mightymouse33

    mightymouse33 New Member

    No problame-O
  15. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Also... would the lock cover the engine, etc... too? It prolly specifically mentions bicycles only or something.
  16. fetor56

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    Dunno what u mean "would the lock cover the engine, etc"
    These locks also come with an optional plug-in chain for securing your bike to solid objects.I like the idea of the plug-in but i don't like the chain so if i can find an adaptor that fits i'de use coiled wire.
  17. sparky

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    Fetor, I was referring to this $100 lock with insurance...

    I was saying, I doubt the company would cover the engine & other motorized accessories, too... but ya never know.
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  18. fetor56

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    No perspiration(no sweat) ;)
  19. DougC

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    In the US, most of these big-name locks (Kryptonite, Master, OnGuard) only cover the factory replacement cost of the bicycle. Accessories of any kind aren't counted at all.

    The cable is the weakest point though; a chain is better. Also--chains should be hardened. Ductile chains will cut very easily with even smaller-sized bolt cutters. The cheap stuff they sell at the hardware store is not the right kind.

    Kryptonite sells some of their U-locks with a cable included, but you are supposed to use it correctly: the U-lock goes around the seat tube and frame and also around a stationary pole, and then the cable is looped through the front wheel and back to the lock. This way if anyone cuts the cable, all they're getting is a front wheel.

    I use two different locks when I know I'll have to lock up my bike for any length of time where I can't see it--but even at that--one problem you face when locking up any kind of bicycle is that the lock protects the frame and rims, but not much of anything else.
  20. impression

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    My mate picked up a lock for his motorbike in Autoban for $20, it's unpickable via bic-pen and the key is not a standard key in that it's not cut the same way with a jagged side, instead it's indented along the flat sides at random locations. also the chain part is 1 inch thick braided steel with 1/4 inch rubber/clear plastic stuff on it. You would need hydrolic bolt cutters to get through it and picking the lock would be impossible :)

    i'll grab a pic of it next time i have the camera and see him :)