Bike mods this weekend



This weekend I began making some changes to the Staton box and the R460. The clutch shoes and retainer screws came at 5:30 this evening and we're back in one piece, what a difference. The bike pulls off with one half crank of the peddles as smooth and quite as a Vespa, to say I'm happy would be an understatement. This was time well spent.

I pulled my drive train down and bored the Staton box for the plugs that enable me to pull the engine without splitting the box. I also added about an ounce of 80 wt. gear oil to the gear grease and sealed the box with RTV. I installed a 16 tooth sprocket, new freewheel and new 410H chain in place of the #41 I was running, much quieter. I topped off my little rework with a set of 3750 rpm clutch springs. I went for a test drive and ran to 8475 rpm, 35 mph without a bead of sweat. Top end should be an honest 45 at 11k. Heading to the lake this weekend for some rural highway riding, can't wait.


Local time
10:00 PM
Jan 18, 2008

Kerf I need to do the same to my 460, hate the clutch. Did you get the 20% lighter springs from daves? Do I need to buy new clutch shoes? The springs are on back order last time I checked. I would love to get my clutch to engage at 3750!