Bike night @ Hooters

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by fritznbud, Aug 27, 2010.

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    Hey all, If you've never taken your motorbikes to Hooter's, find time one thursday night and go. I think it goes on nationwide every thursday, 6pm-. Here in Anderson, SC i got a crowd around me asking all about my "invention" and i kept telling them it's not my invention, its a kit you put together. These guys couldn't believe my Cranbrook, raved on about it's coolness, took pics. Great time but my biggest impression i took home with me is that here in this part of the country, these bikes are unheard of. The Hooter gang had never seen one. There is one today in Asheville, NC craigslist with the 4 stroke high dollar motor, fresh build, for $300, and i bought mine for $200 after it sat on craigslist for 2 weeks advertised for $300. I guess a good part of the bible belt really is slow to catch on....anyone else have a similar story? It's like i rode in on a spaceship

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    Here in Calera, Alabama, 25 miles South of Birmingham, VERY few have seen one like we have. I belong to a fishing forum out of Pensacola, Florida (hence ... Al.Fisherman) and a couple members have seen one or two down there. We have a member here that lives there. They are sure a head turner.....
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    They sure are a head turner as i can compare stares and smiles. I have a '55 Chevy, '60 Rambler custom finmobile, rail buggy, HD heritage softail, a jet boat and sailboat, a pocket chopper bike and my motorbike gets just as much attention as my other toys. I'm lovin' it.
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    Good info. My local Hooters is on a freeway frontage road (speed limit too high for assisted bicycle), but I may be able to find a legal way in. I'll have to remember to look at the parking lot of my local Hooters on my way home on Thursday to see if that is going on here.