Bike night @ local bar

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  1. stopped for a beer and chips @ a local resturant on bike night. Couldn't resist the photo op. Enjoy!

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    dude that is killer, props for having the guts to park with the big boys
  3. They (the bikers) were as curious as most... even more so. One even added that, this is how motorcycles got started. Another remarked that it leaked just like and AMF Harley (fixed that by adjusting the needle valve fork). After explaining the how and economy of motored bikes; when they passed me, they gave me the left-hand salute/acknowledgement. As I rode home, necktie in the wind (I am an IT guy for the government), I had an ear to ear grin!

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  4. Those Weekend Warriors prolly got a big kick out of it!
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    Which one's yours. :wink:
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    I only see one bike, amongst the motorcycles.
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    go undercover next time

    go under cover next time -- remove your neck tie

    did you not read in the be a cool guy on the MB book -- look
    #1 -- remove all neckties
    #2 -- unbutton top button on shirt

    main reason for #1
    tie could get hung up somewhere (not wanted) sudden stop by neck
    I hate that kind of stopping !!!

    ride the motor bike
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    lol that's a bike do that same thing!! here in Puerto Rico motorcycle guys get together to hang out...ill join them as if i was one of them to see their
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    thats funny as **** lincoln.theres even a sign that says motorcycle parking.those guys probly thought u thought u had a motorcycle.lmao