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    I have been riding my 66cc bike for about 4 weeks now. But now when i try to wheel the bike around with the clutch in the bike will move for a few meters then lock up then can roll in backwards. i know that the piston is not ceased because when i take the sparkplug out and let my clutch out i can hear the piston moving. I tried th start the bike by taking off really fast but when i let the clutch out the bike will skid to a halt. Also my carb has a small leak in it i have taken it apart and tightened ever screw up really tight but i just cant find out where it is leaking from. Thanks for your help i want to get my bike up and running again so i can be out riding :grin5:.

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    have you tried adjusting the clutch?
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    I am sure that you are still under warranty for the leaking carb.

    As far as the tire locking up it sounds like your clutch is not adjusted correctly. Try playing around with it some until you get it adjusted properly.
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    lock up

    I would check my chain. My bike locked up when the chain got jammed in the drive housing. It locked up my rear wheel and I had to change my engine placement to get the slack up in the system.

    Mike Frye -the bike guy
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    Try this...clutch in, spark plug out move bike. If piston moves..adjust clutch, if piston not moving check gears and chain.
    As far as carb, dismantle and check float etc.