Bike of the Month contender Part 2

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by JFleck, Mar 12, 2007.

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  1. JFleck

    JFleck Guest

    Well, Finally, here's the pics . . .

    My bike is for the most part done. The motor runs great the bike rolls VERY WELL . . .

    Before the pics, Here's a list of

    Bicycle Parts:
    NEW -
    chrome forks,

    Motorcycle Parts:
    Indian front fenders,
    (one put on the rear, front cut out an inch and rewelded)
    Indian tank decals,
    Indian head marker light,
    Harley chopper seat,
    Tail light,
    Fork saddlebag,

    Misc. Parts:
    Fabricated side skirts for fenders, rivited on,
    Fabricated controller box under seat,
    Fabricated kickstand mount,
    Ammo cans mounted for batteries,
    LED lighting for tail bullets and down lighting,
    48V electric hub motor(Thanks Roland!),
    Modified throtle with my own hand grips,
    Mounted ignition key in seat box,
    Rattle can paint job,

    I think thats it . . .



    Well, there it is . . . hope everyone enjoys . . .
    I even got a little hottie posing in
    the backround on that last pic . . .

    Take Care All!!
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  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    from a fellow MBc member...what a totally groovy build, JFleck, the bike rocks!!!

    (and from an Mbc volunteer...a most excellent post!)
  3. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    very nice clean professional looking build
    love that seat, thinking my deviate :)
    where did you get it ?
  4. azvinnie

    azvinnie Guest

    jfleck nice fu**ing ride, like all the fab work you did, one of a kind for sure.
    just wanted to ask, how do you like the electric hub, is it worth the cash or not?
    im interested in one, and how much work did blaze do on this bike? lol
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  5. JFleck

    JFleck Guest

    First Azvinnie,
    Blaze did no work on this bike,
    all tho he is the person that showed me the electric hubs.
    I was originally planning on putting a gas
    motor on this but was hesitant. The electric hub is the way to go,
    for me anyways. The one thing I didn't like at all about the gas is the
    noise. but it doesn't go as fast as a gas,
    so I guess it depends on what you want . . .

    almost all the parts I bought either from Ebay or
    J&P Cycles in Anamosa, IA . . .
    They have the largest selection of motorcycle parts I have seen.
    That seat I got on Ebay for I think $50 . . .

    Thanks for the comments . . .

    Take Care All,
  6. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    That is clean! When are you going to enter it for BOM?
  7. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    Hats off to you. A beautiful machine!
  8. JFleck

    JFleck Guest

    How do I do that?
    I thought just putting up pictures was enough?

    Let me know please . . .
  9. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    the rules for bom are in general discussion.
  10. mrsaxman99

    mrsaxman99 Guest

    hey just to make life a little easier...replace those pics with these resized ones...~70KB instead of ~1.2MB

  11. psuggmog

    psuggmog Guest

    Sweet ride!! I like the shadows in your pictures.
  12. foyeburger

    foyeburger Guest

    man oh man thats one sweet ride you got . love those ammo boxes and that seat is killer. im assuming thats were you hide the batterys eh! larry ca
  13. JFleck

    JFleck Guest

    Yes, the batteries are in the ammo cans,
    but right now I have the 7ah batteries and they
    just fit in them and I need to get higher amp hour.
    So I may end up changing those cans out for
    bigger ones or saddle bags.

    Right now I have only about 6-7 mile range,
    and if I hit hills . . . about 4 miles before the batteries start
    cutting out, which I discovered when I rode my bike down
    to the beach which is about 4 miles and it started cutting out
    right as I got there. But there were several big hills
    between here and there. The ride back was AWESOME!

    I think the weight of the bike(likely 150lbs) with
    my own weight (about 275lbs) really burns the batteries on hills.

    so we will see . . . .
  14. JFleck

    JFleck Guest

    Indians Rock

    AHHH Memories. . . .
  15. ironwarlock

    ironwarlock Guest

    Nice looking ride. I love it. ;)
  16. Awesome bike! I'm a neub when it comes to electric hub requirements but can't you essentially place two deep cycle marine batteries on the sides then charge it overnight every day you ride it? I know it's heavy but it may give you some decent range.
  17. JFleck

    JFleck Guest

    You could use those batteries but they are very large, the seal rechargable type that I use are the same as a motorcycle or jetski batteries it's just that you need 4 of them it's a 48v hub so 4 12v batteies hooked in series gets you they 48v . . .

    Trying to do that with 4 marine batteries may be cumbersome . . .
  18. Yea,but just saying,if the marine batteries give more juice and better range,then with two bigger boxes and that low center of gravity,the weight may actually be less of a hassle given the power you get back. But then...yea. A 40 pound battery is still a 40 pound battery,80 pounds is almost like having a kid ride with you...but wired parallel will give you longer life,series will give you more power. How much can that front hub take anyway?
  19. JFleck

    JFleck Guest

    well it's a 48v hub I don't know what the top end limit is guess I never thought about it. . . .
  20. Wow dude. I got to love it. I know the was high end in cost. Nice job and work into it. WOW I dont get it can be any butter.. How fest dose it go if I may ask and whats the cc on it