Bike of the Month: January '07

Which bike do you like best

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Aug 4, 2006
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Ok. We only got 5 entries. If you didn't submit your picture for this one, you can submit one for next month.





Wheels said:
Yes, cool designs, could we get more than 1 picture or view of these entries?

The rules for this month state that each person gets to enter with only one picture. This month is more of a test-run...
:LOL: :LOL: bird! :LOL: :LOL:

know what ya mean, tho...wonder who that belongs to, gonna have to wait to find out i guess... 8)

ok, to be fair...i'm totally liking the green machine for all the obvious reasons. the sidecar wins any "custom work" contest i could imagine. the completely-clean classic look of #3 kicks my butt. #4 makes me feel like a little boy again. #5? well, imo, that chopper should be given the currently vacant "high-end" trophy just because it's such a nice frikkin build!!

i am soooo gonna put a pic in for the "stock" class next month...
WOW can we put these into different classes I like the clean classic lines of the 08 type of bike and I love the chopper But the side car has a lot of imagnation ....then the traditional build head hurts :eek:

My head hurts too!!!

I like the industrial look of the sidecar and the mat black is way cool!!!
The retro look of No.3 is great and the paint is Black!!!
And No.4 is a beautiful replica and also BLACK!!!!

I love classic black!!!!

Not into the chopper thing!! Just a personal preference, must have been scared by a Harley when I was in the womb!! But I can appreciate the craftsmanship and love that has gone into it but, sorry its not black!!!

And the "Green Machine" is very not black but it is the bosses ride so......!! :D
WOW the more i look at these pics ,the more impressed I am at the workmanship.I kinda assumed that fellas using the engine kits were simply bolting on per directions and saying ,hey look , i built a bike, but geez, was I mistaken. taking a second look at #5 and noticing the twin headlights,mirrors and highway pegs not to mention the apehangers and exc. saddlebags which from the angle of the pic, and my fading memory , look like an exc. copy of the bags that came on my '91 heritage classic{harley softtail}.
It would sure be nice to see what #3 looks like in the daytime. too bad wasnt a better pic.
#2 well , You gotta luv it !! at least I do . check out the seat post!!LOL too cool and all I can say about the sidecar is , I gotta HAVE ONE.
all of #4 from the kickstand to the handlebars leaves me totally humbled.
that seat is righteous as hell and I'm not sure I've ever seen completely white tires before.
gotta tell ya guys, I'm not near as proud of my bikes as I was yesterday.

My hats off to all 5 contestants and all the other fine builders of this calibre. I'm headin out to shop to start another bike. just picked up a fresh engine today and seeing these entries leaves me kinda dumbfounded. gotta do something real unique but I dont think i can compete in a buiild of the level you fellows show.

~S~ (salute)

oh whens deadline for votes?? i cant decide just yet??!!!!??lol