bike overheats?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Kent6440, May 11, 2015.

  1. Kent6440

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    the motor I just put on my bike seems to overheat or at least I think that's the problem I don't know anymore than the basics of 2 stroke motors. Anyway after 15 mins the throttle becomes unusable (dose nothing and maintains slow engine power) and I need to pedal really fast to get it going a good speed. also the muffler starts making a loud popping noise. The problem goes away after a break of 10 mins or so. Idk if The air filter being removed would be a factor in this, I took it off cause it wouldent fit. My bike frame is too small. I am gonna make another air filter when I get a chance. I know the oil mix is not the problem because it's mixed 18 to 1. Anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks :)

  2. darwin

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    Sounds like a carb problem. Others will chime in who have experience with those slide carbs. Is the intake where the carb mounts air tight? Gas tank clean and good fuel flow? Gas cap venting, just removing it will check that. Be patient you'll get some help.
  3. battery

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    Do you flush your muffler from time to time?
  4. crassius

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    could be air leak at the intake or gasket leak at head gasket or base gasket
  5. jaguar

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    loud popping noise is probably a head gasket leak.
    plane thbe head and cylinder top to make them flat.
    they come "crooked" from the factory
  6. Timbone

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    This may be a stretch but it fits the criteria for a motor running very lean. Low hp and pinging/ pre-ignition.

    Yes, check for leaks first. These guys know what they are talking about!