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bike price

What price range should I sell for a complete bike?

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I have a friend who wants me to get an engine and bike and assemble it for him. What do you'll think I should charge? I looked around at some other bike companies and they sell complete kits assembled for often around $1000. I should be able to get the bike and engine alot cheaper-do you think about $500 would be fair enough?




Just parts and labor. pay your self a mechanics wage some where between $18 and $30 hr, and its up to you if you mark up the price of the parts, mabey just a little to cover gas to and from the hardware store.

Standard Issue

Guess it depends. From a materials standpoint, it shouldn't take more than about 300$ to get a good build..engine, bicycle and all.

These things are not particularly hard or expensive to build, but keep in
mind that it is your time and labor going into it. If someone is too lazy or
whatever to build it themselves, but still wants one, a bit of a markup is justified, if only to make it worth your while.

I say ask what the market will bear. YMMV

standard issue