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  1. BikeProblems

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    Hey there,

    I run a 66cc engine in a mountain bike frame and live in Australia. I am hopping to do a ride somewhere but not sure where o and when.

    Hope to hear from you guys around.
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard.

    There's a few Australians around here. They're sure to come along and spot you in here. They'll know about the riding scene.

    Most of us just ride in our own localities. Is this what you plan to do or are you thinking more of off-road, or something like that?
  3. BikeProblems

    BikeProblems New Member

    Not really sure, at the moment i just ride around my area/localities but one day hopping for something bigger and better to do.
    Good to hear from you.