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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by spokeytoke, Aug 10, 2010.

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    After I installed my engine, the bike would pull to the left when I ride with no hands. By accident I discovered that adjusting the front axle would give me better balance. So I moved the axle down about 1/4" from being fully seated on the left side of the fork. On my mountain bike there's a hole for inserting a phillips screwdriver on both side of the front fork so I could get leverage against the spokes and control the axle, before tightening the nuts. So the front wheel is actually tilted now, and is about 1/4" from rubbing on the left side of the fork, and about 1/2" from rubbing on the right side of the fork, but is easier to ride with no hands, which is important to me because of the vibration.

  2. professor

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    I have always thought 2 things control stability.
    The frame needs to be made so the fork is straight with the bike frame (not with the fork leaning to one side) and the rear wheel tracking straight. Because your bike was OK before- I would look at the rear wheel alignment.
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    A crookedly mounted front wheel is an accident waiting to happen. Be careful and find and fix the true cause before you get hurt!
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    I'm just waiting to hear about it!
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    Since the front axle adjustment, I think I might have less control if I have to suddenly swerve to miss something like a rodent. So I may change it back.
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    Whatever you choose to do, just play it safe.