Bike rack for MB?

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  1. DanTheDIYGuy

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    I am looking for ideas in how to carry my motorbike on my Subaru Outback. I have roof racks so I was considering this: [​IMG]

    I am concerned however that the bike would be too heavy and would break the rails. Any ideas? A rear rack may be a better option, and I have a cargo carrier for the back hitch that I could weld some supporting angle iron to lash the bike onto.

  2. Frankenstein

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    A rear rack is easier to lift a 40 pound bike onto.
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  3. Frankenstein

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    Think about how it feels catching your motorized bicycle before it falls over too... Now do that with it above your head on top of a car almost out of reach...

    Rear rack seems safer over all, and easier, if you use the hitch rack you can use cargo straps on the wheels to hold it down, and another strap in the middle of the bike frame to go up and over the back windshield, right onto the roof rack, to keep the bike upright and against the vehicle, put rags around rub points if you're worried about the finish.

    That eliminates relying on the angle iron weld to keep the bike from toppling, and eliminates the need to actually weld anything in the first place.
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  5. DanTheDIYGuy

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    Thank you very much! As for the roof comments, I am 6' 3" so I wasn't too worried about the height, but the weight is a concern! You have a good idea for mounting to the rear rack, I think I will use that idea for my next trip. Muchas gracias amigo!
  6. Frankenstein

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    No problem, drain the gas tank before the trip, yes it's upright but it will splash like a mofo on the way out, you'll end up half a tank short by the time you arrive. Happy trails.
  7. Steve Best

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    I use a cheap rear rack on the back of my Dodge Caravan. It is great, I can still get in underground parking.
    Mine was designed to carry up to 3 bicycles but I only carry the one because of weight.
    I do worry about theft however. only held in place by nylon straps.
    Otherwise, no problems. I don't even drain the gas tank. Dodge vans don't vibrate!

  8. Frankenstein

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    Theft is a problem around here, so I have a heavy u-lock, and some towing chain, it's about 3 feet of chain and the lock and chain together are almost 8 pounds, and so far I've been able to lock my bike to everything I had to, including my trucks front wheel lol (not recommended for transportation and probably isn't DOT approved.)

    I don't think I could trust my bike on a Standard rack, it's just too heavy, I mean lifting it a foot off the ground is a struggle in itself, and a good ol bouncy 92 explorer will likely leave my bike on the side of route 80... I prefer those cargo racks, they also give a good pseudo tailgating type of platform, and an easy step up to the canoe tied to the roof.