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  1. aflaclover123

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    I am looking to build a motorized bike. I was looking at a huffy cruiser with coaster brakes which is what a neighbor of mine had used.
    I was about to buy this when I started researching coaster brakes and I wasn't sure if it was still a good idea. If there are any other bikes you would recommend that would be great.

  2. bakaneko

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    The problem is the look of the bike versus practicality for motorized biking. I know a lot of folks here like the cruiser bikes with the swayed back bar style and classic look. But, the problem with those bikes stock is most only come with a coaster brake. I am more a mountain bike kinda of guy so most of those bikes come with pad or disc brakes. However, there is this interesting guy.

    I really like this bike. It also comes with side storage backs, 7 speed derailleur, steel frame, and pad brakes. The only potential issue is that if you are going with a 4-stroke kit you might have to cut that second top bar. I've seen it done and it is fine to do so. Also, the bike is a 700c which is a bit bigger than a 26" wheel but I don't think this will be an issue for the sprocket. Also, the rear fender might cover the sprocket but you can remove it but again I've seen bikes with that fender system intact. I assume you are going with a 2-stroke kit?
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    There's a little bar across the back forks at the top /under seat with a hole in the middle. You can bolt a brake there and disconnected the coaster brake like the hole in the front forks for brakes or fenders. Coaster brakes are fine but you can't feel how much thay are on be for you no it locks up. I slid left then right left right left my friends thought I was going to die some how I stayed on lol
  4. KCvale

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    Huffy is garbage as a regular bike, I won't put an engine on one, especially the $89 Cranbrook.
    The rear hub has garbage bearings and bad coaster brake that wear out in short order.

    Now you can mount a pair of C-brakes from the fender mount holes and put them on a dual pull brake lever and only use the coaster brake as emergency measure, but that only prolongs the inevitable.

    Don't shop at Walmart for a bike is my advice, you want a good bike before you put an engine on it.
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  5. Frankfort MB's

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    Anything that is chro moly is perfect for a MB

    90's model mountain bikes with a wide body usually has good room for a motor and they are usually cheap to buy second hand
  6. bakaneko

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    If you are on a tight budget where your price range is close to the cranbrook, I like the bike I suggest because it has front and rear pad brakes. Walmart bikes are fine. There are thousands of builds on Walmart bikes. Mine was $50 on sale and is fine. Of course if you have a wider budget get the best bike you can get.

    The real problem is the rear sprocket torque on the wheel. Any wobble in the sprocket and the engine will tear your axle and bearings apart. That's why when you put the sprocket on it must be tight and you need to check it for trueness. Spin the wheel. Better yet get a hub adaptor and that will help with the stress.

    Take your time with that part for whatever bike you get. Also learn about bike maintenance and repair and you should be fine
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  7. libranskeptic

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    I have to agree u would be far better with an old but good mountainbike. The huffy will waste your time with the cheapest of everything, from bolts up.
  8. Frankfort MB's

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    The old huffys are pretty good (I've had nothing but good luck with them)
    The old Schwinns are even better
    And I'm talking pre-1980
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    What bike do you recommend?
  10. Frankfort MB's

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  11. bakaneko

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    Yeah, between that and the Cranbrook if they were my only options I would go with the one I posted due to the brakes and extras. The only thing I am uncertain about is the wheel size, 700c, which is a bit bigger than the 26" but there are 29" motorized bikes. The thing with Walmart bikes is that eventually you will have to service the hub, which is simple enough to do especially on a single speed. There are many YT videos showing you how to take apart the hub, inspect, and service it.