bike shakes bad

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    fuel comes out tank like shoots out at hi speed . intake pipe broke snap . not nice to ride unless slowly .kind of just started and fuel filter full of bubbles .and it happens when it gos good or not and with speedy carby cns and nt and new cdi and plugs you name it i got it ??? eny idea ??maybe bottom end have done lot of kms and it is a cheap one.

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    DSC_0030.jpg DSC_0031.jpg
    think i found it one with piston on bike now has black line on crank and maybe 6000kmh on it the other one has done 9000kmh and no burn marks one has a smooth surface with the burn on both and the good one has lines like a record on both all so bad one has a big hole in the side and the good one has a small hole for balance i think and both are $130 motors from same place. tdr moto
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    one differences the bad one has one side of the piston cut on the intake side so maybe did not help i got a bottom end on a big chopper so i will put that on and see but maybe no cut in the piston this time ???
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    well new bottom end and its fixed but no cut in piston just to see and the no one cut no difference gos grate for now
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    these kits have improved a lot these last few years - all seem much better now except for the really cheap ones that still use the old pre-2012 motors that shake too much - always look for 'machined crankshaft' or 'balanced crankshaft' in text before buying

    in some cases, I've emailed seller to check first
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    i bye them from a shop and can only go off wot i see the shop has jugs with holes in them or bent fins off color thin fins he byes a lot and send 1/3 back from defects one is a win one is not to meany things to mention good carby short intake pipe or long old muffles and now you get a banana one