Bike Show and Ride - Brookline Ma.

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    Bike Show and Ride - Sunday Aug 9th - Brookline Ma.

    Hello all,

    O.k. I heard about this Bicycle Show that is happening Sunday, August 9, 2009 at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline Ma.
    I know there will be some cool bikes to look but there will also be a swap meet so hopefully there will be some cool things to buy as well.
    I am definately going this time. I have the time set aside and nothing will stop me (well except rain in which case I'll drive).
    If anyone is interested in showing off their mb, respond to this thread and we'll arrange a time and place to meet and ride in. I'm leaving Somerville Ma. at 9:00am to get there in time for the start of the show (10:00am).

    I only hope I have enough fuel to get me there and back.



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  2. Danny3xd

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    I am in! Sounds great. Also Carol will be coming and will need shopping buddys. (Never misses a shopping opportunity, snork)

    Thanks Shawn
  3. Danny3xd

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    Just read Sheldon Brown will be there! Wow. Is my internet "go to guy" on bike stuff. I owe that man a a beer or 12. Maybe coffee.
  4. Happy Valley

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    That'll have to wait Dan. Sheldon died in Feb. 2008 but he'll be there in spirit for the dedication. Ride in Peace.
  5. shawnshank

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    Do you want to meet somewhere and ride in together? I'll probably go in via memorial drive to comm ave, jamaica way that way.
    I'm worried about my puny tank and fuel bottle not being enough to get me there and back. It's only 9 miles one way so I should be o.k....I hope.

  6. Danny3xd

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    Was wondering HV. Had read that and was hopeing. Is a great loss.

    I dunno my way around there, so up to you. Just crashed my last running MB, but as I was laying there, it was still running so think it will make it. Front fender let go. Newbie mistake! LOL. And I nailed it. (Front of MB stopped. me and the rest kept going)
  7. Danny3xd

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    Shawn, might not make it but going to try. Right hand and left side are pretty messed up and have not had a good look at my bike yet. Going to try. Do you know an exact place or address where we could meet? Or could just meet at front gate if there is one. Lemme know. I will PM you my cell#
  8. RusticoRay

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    Im in Hampstead NH. and it just so happens I got my friction drive Hummer and a rack for the mini van. Lets see 93S to Somerville 45 minutes.Shawn can you pm with a phone number. I'm pretty much useless with finding a way in. Danny sorry to here about your spill. Any chance you can make it, I got ace bandages, ice , tylenol whatever you need. Ill make a trip back home to get another motoredbike bike if ya need one to ride.
  9. Danny3xd

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    Wow Ray, thank you! Just finished putting the bike back together and did amazingly lil damage. Only had to replace the clutch handle and shattered the solar head light collector thing lens. (thats the tech term, lol) Really do appreciate the thought though. Looking forward to meeting up with you guys.
  10. RusticoRay

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    Shawn, I like to meet up and ride from Somerville with ya. Can you leave a meet place and time, somewhere I can park my Van. I'll leave P.M. with cell# Thanks
  11. RusticoRay

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    Bicycle pics

    Had a good time a bike show. My mind what little is left was working overtime on what kit for what bike at the show. Thanks to Danny and Shawn for showing up and George who had a vending around that our motoredbikes could hang. A few pics to ponder.

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  12. shawnshank

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    I had a good time also. Nice meeting you guys.
    That blue Hornet in the images is the one that won best of show.
    A motorized bike no less!

    Hey after I left the show to ride home, about a half mile into my ride I had a major malfunction. The throttle got stuck on full speed and wouldn't release while I was riding so I pulled over to take a look and once I got off my bike the thing went nuts on full throttle. I tried to hit the kill switch but that wouldn't work so I managed to open the choke and get it stopped. I took a look at it and saw that the small screw holding the engine bracket up snapped causing the engine to slip down, pulling the throttle on full speed and snapping the kill switch wire. The throttle cable came loose and snapped my zip ties that held the throttle in place also. I ended up having to walk it a couple miles to Kenmore where my gf picked me up in our truck.
    It sucked but I'm glad it didn't happen when any of you guys were riding it.
    In retrospect it looks like the only weak point in the whole system and I should have put the backup support zip ties in place like I saw on one of these threads.
    Lesson learned.
    To make matters worse, a guy in a little electric bike hapened to be riding by while I was walking it and we spoke for a little while. He spoke about an old motorized bike he made from a chainsaw motor, asked me about my set up and then quitely rode off on his little electric bike. I never envied anyone on one of those until that moment.

  13. RusticoRay

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    Lessons learned without personnel injury sometimes can be a good thing. Sorry about your walk of 2miles better than 12 that was my last breakdown. I really like your K2 and golden eagle setup. Looks real clean. The snap when first giving it throttle is nice. Looking into making time for Mystic Conn. maybe a go.
  14. shawnshank

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    I agree. At least no one got hurt.
    The walk wasn't bad, it was watching everyone else on regular bikes ride past me that hurt. Haha!!
    Thanks for the compliments on my bike. It took me a while to assemble the right set up for the look and comfort level I was going for.
    I won;t be able to make it to conn if it's this weekend. I'm going to Chicago.

  15. Danny3xd

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