Clutch Bike Starts but when clutch is engaged it dies out

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by ShawnS, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. ShawnS

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    This bike ran very well for awhile then it started acting up. Overall it is harder to get the bike started than it used to be. Like i said it does start but not as easly as it used to be. When i do get it started it sounds like it is running strong and correct, even while still pedaling i will release the the clutch to engage it, it dies. I am lost. I already replaced the cdi and have cleaned the spark plug. Since the bike does start some time i do not think it is the magneto or the cdi. The plug did have carbon on it but still giving off spark. If you could help me through this i would greatly appriciate it.

  2. machiasmort

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    how does it idle? seem lower than normal?

    sounds like it could be loss of compression, check the head bolts DONT OVER TIGHTEN!
  3. ShawnS

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    When it does crank over and i pull the clutch back in to disengage it, so to let it idle, it sounds like its running good and possible alittle too high. But not sure i will check the head gasket. Is it possible to use liquid qasket maker that would be used on say a car head gasket(rtv red)? It will start up but after bike is started and i do try enganging the clutch and it dies, it does not want to start back up again? Does help explain it any better?
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    Try idle screw 1st.You say you cleaned carboned plug. Was it the kit plug ? Was cap and wire replaced also? Always good to check nuts,bolts and screws real good after 1st ride. Check daily or often.Just a way to prevent breakdowns. Is Head torque correct.Was it tightened in X pattern ? Air intake tight ? Got a gasket/O-ring from carb to intake. Throttle hanging up anywhere ? Have you tried to be pedaling faster for starting. As engine runs more minor adjustments are needed. Your breaking it in. Do it nice and easy. Won't be long till you can go like the devil his self is chasing you.
    Good luck