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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by impression, Mar 16, 2009.

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    well, after being fascinated with electronics/games/computers for so many years i ended up disliking it soo much after being IT technician Manager for some time, i needed to find something else to help me deal with my Autism. last year i got a 48cc Zbox kit while my car was out of action due to money problems. Got my car back and needed some cash so i sold it.

    Now, this year i've gotten 2x 66cc kits from Gasmanbikes ( 1st one i stripped the mounting holes, Engine was fantastic though. ) and now i cruise to Class and work on it.

    With all the improvements and modifications i plan this bike has kept my mind busy and helps me focus on tasks, albeit i can only still focus on one thing as a time.

    I've found nothing but friendly people with a plethora of knowledge and only too happy to help with any issues that arise with my bike and offer suggestions to better the bike in future :)

    For This I thankyou and i look forward to many a great time here and while tinkering/riding my motorised Bike.

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    these can be a source of great enjoyment, as well as frustration (depending on who you are).

    tinkering is as much a part of these, as riding.
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    that's cool impression
    I am into the therapy THING with my motor bike also
    rather that doing much work -- repairs on mine
    have found great -- greatful thoughts while riding

    have fun as you ride that MB thing