Bike Too Fast & Too Scary For Granddad

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    New 26" Schwinn 7 speed cruiser style bike mated to a new 2-cycle 66cc 3.5HP gas engine. Engine maker claims 30 MPH and 90MPG plus. There are fewer than 5 miles on the finished assembly. Unit built for grandsons but a 26" frame is too large for them and the speed scares their granddad. Will sell the unit cheap. Total investment is just over $350 and you can come pick her up for $275. And come pick her up you must for I have no clue how to ship it. Located in Columbus, MS, which is in the Northeast sector of the state. I will accept PayPal, bank transfers or cash. No Money Order and Cashier Check scammers please. See photos and email me your questions.
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    I wish I lived closer.