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    This is just a city grocery-getter or similar light duty trailer. I used a tarp tie-down as the trailer hitch. The hitch works well and may be used for a heavier duty trailer, but this is a rack mount with a former baby jogger, not super stable.

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    kool idea!!
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    I bought a used kid's trailer off of cragslist for $25. I'll be making a new frame from 1"x1" square tubing that has the axel at the balance point. The kids trailer has the axel at the end of the unit so that any load is in a bridge between the axel and the mounting point causeing a lot of sag. As the trailer was ment for a 26" tire my 28"s rub so I rotated the mounting point 90 degrees to the rear for more clearance and drilled two new holes for the hitch pin.

    I'll be getting on the trailer conversion when the weather gets nicer :p
  4. loquin

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    You'll want about 20% of the weight on the tongue, to help the trailer track straight. If the axle is at the 'balance point,' the trailer will tend to 'walk' or 'snake' from side to side at speed.

    BTW - a 1/4 inch rod end would work well at the hitch...

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    Slackbiker, That trailer around here would get the cops to take notice. Exceding 40 lbs in that trailer could probably be difficult to handle, being that it's way up high. You say it's not that stable, so I hope your careful with it's intended use.
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    Nice mods. I am looking to make/find a trailer to haul my dog in. With gasoline prices climbing the way they are, even buying a new bike trailer is a better option than paying for a few tanks of gas! I'll post what I get here later. Keep up the good work!

  7. gia

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    Cheapest cargo trailer on the market

    Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to do it yourself with scraps and leftover pieces, especially if the results aren't exactly safe. At the same time, few of us have a lot of money to throw around, and most of the cargo trailers on the market seem to have solid gold parts somewhere from the prices they are charging. In addition, the cheaper "kid carts" aren't very sturdy and don't work well for big dogs or cargo.

    I took a risk and bought an Aosom trailer. They come in 3 sizes, and are available on Ebay for about $100-130 depending on size with pretty reasonable shipping. (I actually bought mine from, but they have been out-of-stock for months & didn't do anything to inspire massive amounts of customer loyalty anyhow.) These cargo trailers are really GREAT. They are stable, have a solid metal bottom so there are no worries about that giving way, and have reasonably sturdy sides made out of nylon canvas. Supposedly they can be towed by a motorcycle as well (though I'd not want to take them at 75 mph) so I have no worries about putting it behind a motorized bike either.

    They aren't fancy, nobody has ever heard of the brand, but I don't need frills--I need cheap, sturdy & reliable. We're happy enough with our small one (which carries a 75 lb. dog around) that we're going to buy an additional trailer in large. Plenty of weight capacity means you can haul about anything you can pack into it.