Bike was running 1 month won't start...



basically..I stopped riding my motor bike one month ago, cause I broke my clutch lever..and had to replace it, and also cause we had giant snow falls here in Wisconsin.

Now, it is all almost spring at 50 degrees out.

Today I redid my clutch lever..and tried to start spurtered for like 1/2 a second...then nothing. I repeatedly tried to start it, with no success.

I then checked my connections for CDI, and redid them. It made no difference.

Right now, when I disengage my clutch lever, the rear tire just locks...chain doesn't move. My bike always use to catch.

Could my magneto be bad? Could my spark plug be fouled? Does my carb need a cleaning?

What do you recommend I try first, cause I know the clutch is not what messed it up.

Please help me asap.

spark and fuel will be first tests, my vote is a fuel problem.

mechanically speaking, i couldn't quite decipher your symptoms: with the clutch engaged & spark-plug out, will the wheel/chain/drive sprocket/engine turn?

if yes, then my basic mechanical-experience says try "cleansing" the cylinder by pedaling (fuel off/throttle closed) the engine around for a bit, then do the spark and fuel checks. if no, then you're gonna be looking for something mechanical caused by the bike sitting for a month.

this is only guesswork, i happened to be here when you posted so i figured i'd ramble a bit. best i could come up with for an "asap" step one, i'm sure one of the more 2-stroke experienced dudes will have something for you. coupla questions for them: won't month-old premix get all gummy in the carb? are the rings/cylinder at risk when you let the engine sit too long?

good luck.
augidog said:
won't month-old premix get all gummy in the carb? are the rings/cylinder at risk when you let the engine sit too long?

good luck.

No, a month will not cause the gas to go bad. Sitting for that period is not going to hurt the engine as far as rings and piston go.

First, take the plug out, and turn the engine over with the plug in the plug wire, and grounded to the engine, you should have spark. If you have spark, then you may have a fuel problem.....Make sure you have fuel flow to the carb. If you have a spark and fuel, then you may have a fouled plug (it will spark when out of the engine, but not under compression) Also, just because the plug sparks, doesn't mean it's not fouled.

One more thing- these Chinese engines have notoriously bad spark yourself a favor, and buy a good name brand replacement (NGK, Bosh, Autolite, Champion)
Oh yeah, let us know what you find, or don't find.

Also, to check your spark, you may need a helper.....someone to walk the bike or turn the back wheel while you hold the plug to the cylinder head.

If you do find you have spark, put a couple drops of gas or acetone down the spark plug hole, replace the plug and give 'er a shot. It may just fire up.
What I have realized is that my gas line is 1/3 full of fuel, if I turn it stays that way...usually it drains.

I am guessing that I have a clog or bubble in my carb, that would make sence for why it fired first...then wouldnt' do it again.

I will take off carb and clean it...also take out spark plug and clean it.

I have a spare spark plug I ordered from King's Motor Bikes...should I put that in yet (I have about 35 miles on this engine so far)?

If your gas line is 1/3 full then drains, I'd check for obstructions in the tank or fuel shut off/fuel line/filter. Also check to make sure your cap is venting properly.
Ok...i worked on the motor bike for an hour so far today

1) Took off carb, drained fuel out of the bowl, then reput it on.
Tried starting it...nothing...the thing is...usually if it doesn't just grunts or something. But when I release the clutch lever...the rear tire is just locking. What would cause this? I re-did the clutch lever (that is why it was not used in a clutch lever needed to be fixed)...So currently, I have my clutch lever (with locking piston) when pulled..I can pedal, and when released the chain locks.

2) Then I took out the spark plug to find it was corroded with carbon.
I cleaned it...put it back in. Tried to start...nothing..back tire just locks after I release the clutch lever.

3) Put in a new spark plug, tried to start...back tire just locks.

4) Put drops of fuel inside cylinder and then put in spark plug. Still wouldn't start...rear tire just locks.

The common problem is that the rear tire and chain just locks...and nothing fires.

What do I do now? The weather is 55 degrees..and I really want to fuel not getting to cylinder? Is spark plug gap not right? Is magneto not working? Is my setting on my carb not right (fuel mixture)...It ran fine during winter months...don't get why rear tire is looking and not working.

Please help me
Also...when I turn on my fuel starts...but it doesn't fill...just comes in a bit...and stays abou 1/3 full. My gas tank is 2/3 full of gas/oil.

so I don't know what my problems are. Thanks for any more help you can provide.
I could remove the throttle cable I guess...but when I just removed the carb from the intake manifold, if I twist the carb, the needle thing goes up, and when I release, it goes back down.

I don't think that is the problem. Is there anything I could have done to the clutch to screw it up?

Bike was working, but then I tried making clutch tighter...then I broke the clutch lever. Then I put on a new one..and now it doesn't work.

I just don't know what the problem is.