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    hi people. i left my bike in rain for a few minutes before i got to it to put it away. later i tried starting and it doesnt start. not the magneto or cdi because i weather proofed those. it sounds like the clutch is still a little disengaged even though the clutch is released. like its not turning over at all. kinda sounds like something is grinding inside. its a 2 cycle 80cc chinese motor from bgf. i took the cover off where the clutch arm thingy is attached and took the shaft out of the hole in the center of the sprocket where the chain goes into the motor. a big ball bearing came out of that hole which it never did before when i took that part out to lube it when i first bought the motor. i put everything back and closed it up but still the same. any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    that ball bearing has always been in there. maybe your clutch cable isn't tight enough. grinding doesn't sound good. you sure you got spark?
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    The theory of the bearing is that the bearing will rotate easier then the clutch shaft bare against the bucking bar. These cheap bucking bars, should they wear on the bearing end, (which is common), replace with a 5/16" drill bit shank. Keep grease in the hole where the bearing goes.

    Remove right side cover, work clutch (pull clutch handle) in an out and watch the flywheel to see if it disengages/engages the clutch pads.
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    If you click on Ron's picture above you will see a excellent pictorial of a total engine teardown, everyone would benefit from those pictures if they want a better understanding of what's inside of a ht engine.
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    i removed the right side cover and water poured out! after letting the water drain i rode the bike and dropped the clutch and kept pedaling until it finally caught and fired up! i rode for a bit with the cover off to let the water evaporate and then i sealed it up with rtv seal and bolted the cover back in place. it runs the way it did before i left it in the rain now!! thanks for your help and thoughts.. now if i could just figure out why i only get 75 mpg and can only go 22mph before the vibration is too much to bear!!
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    this was actually quite a simple fix. i'm glad i took the time because i was very close to ordering a new motor. i knew it had to do with the water getting in somewhere so apparently that clutch pad was slipping because of all the water in there and wouldnt engage the motor. now that all the water is drained out and the pads are dry, the motor engages quite well. the sound i heard of grinding was probably the pads slipping instead of grabbing when i dropped the clutch. again thanks for your thoughts and info.
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    Are you getting 75 miles to a tank or to a gallon? 75 to a tank is about right. Check your chain alignment, this is a major cause of vibration at that low speed.
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    mpg and vibration

    i get about 35 miles to the tank... after every ride some black oil leaks from the tail pipe, maybe 8 to 10 drops. also got smoke when engine is on. white smoke from the tail pipe. the chain alignment is probably off as you said but how to i check that and fix it?
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    Stand behind the bike and look at the alignment, it does not matter if the tire is closer to one side of the frame than the other. What matters is getting the sprockets as true as you can. Have you checked the jet in the carb? Sometimes the jet will vibrate loose and fall in the bowl of the carb. Something has to be wrong with the carb because I put 40 miles on my bgf48cc Sunday and used a little over 1/2 a tank. A new carb is no biggie, about 12$ shipped from bgf.
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    what oil to fuel ratio are you using? 24/1 is good on a new motor during break-in, about 250 to 300 miles. Then 32/1 or 40/1 with good oil.