bike wont start

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Jake_the_potato, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. Jake_the_potato

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    has really good compression, spark and when i open cylinder it has gas i pedal let go of clutch and pull back on throttle nothing starts, it has the choke all the way open but its one of the red air cover carburetor not the black nt

  2. AssembleThis

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    Hi Jake!
    I'm assuming this is a new build? If so the choke must be closed all the way to start the engine. Don't forget to keep pedaling when you dump the clutch. Some pictures of everything would really help. I use IMGUR and PhotoBucket.

    Have you read The Crash Coarse for Motorbike Noobs? It's very good I recommend reading and posting some pictures.
  3. Jake_the_potato

    Jake_the_potato New Member

    i thought the choke should be fully open so there is full flow to the engine?
  4. crassius

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    all these engines can be a bit different - try both ways

    sometimes idle screw is too far open to get a start, so I usually back it way out and feel for a starting point with my hand on the grip - once it's running you can then lock out the clutch and adjust idle

    note: if you try with choke on & it fires a couple times and dies, then you can usually turn the choke off & get it to start