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    I'm going to build a motorized bike out of my ccm blitz racing bike and I want to use a chainsaw engine. I want to install a kill switch on the handle bars how would I be able to do that. Also on chainsaws to engage the blade you have to push two levers. If I just used a throttle lever attached to the handle bars would that work

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    For a kill switch with anything, just run a push button switch in the back end of the circuit line to kill power and be sure it's grounded out. You'll have to extend the wires to reach, but that's how you'd do it. I don't know what kind of motor you're using specifically, but were you able to post pics of your circuitry, you'll be able to get pointed in the right direction as far as that's concerned rather easily. Now, for the throttle, again with what I said - without knowing exactly what you're working with/not seeing it, it's hard to even throw an idea out there.
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    Briggs, welcome to Motoredbikes.
    If you search the site, you will see that no-one (as far as I am aware) is using a chain saw for power.
    There is a reason.
    The saw does not have a provision for mounting it anywhere.
    They are incredibly loud.
    They need to be geared way down, meaning you will be spending money for that gearing.
    You need some shop equiptment.
    It is much simpler and easier to go with a kit of some kind.
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    Well thats interesting to know. I want to use a chainsaw because. 1 they already have a clutch. Two they already have a sprocket already. Three they have more torque than a weedeater engine