Bikeberry and google check-out (review of customer service)

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by lsoult, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Hi Everyone-

    I tried to post this on the "vender review" forum but was blocked... something about being a new member and something about 30 days... oh well...

    I ordered a motor kit from Bikeberry and used google check-out to pay for it... This gave me 10% off my order. SWEET

    I was a little concerned when I didnt get a confirmaton email. I emailed bike berry and left a phone message.

    After about 5 days a bikeberry guy called me and said he was going through thier voicemails and got my message. I got the impression that they were WAY understaffed and felt bad for the guy.

    He told me that they were having problems with receiving orders from google and apoligized. But on the plus side he put my order in priotiy status and I recieved it in 3 days. I was pleased.

    Bottom Line:

    I cant review the kit yet (since I just got it) but I'm happy with the customer service and their efforts to keep me as a customer. The only thing I advise is not to pay with google check-out... At least til google gets things straight.

    To Bikeberry: Thanks for taking care of the glitch as soon as you could .. and the video.


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    Wait till you try to use it.