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    Hello Everyone!

    We are offering an exclusive $10 discount coupon to members of Raw brand engines with an industry leading 6 Month Warranty. Both the 80cc and 50cc engine kits are currently already on sale from their regular price of $199.99 and $189.99 respectively, so act now before the sale ends!

    80cc Raw Brand Bicycle Engine Kit:

    50CC Raw Brand Engine Kit:

    Use Coupon Code: "MBcMembers" at checkout.
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  2. Tom

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    Thanks for becoming an MBc Sponsor! I noticed that you say on your site "Due to regulations no California Residence buyers". This is a first!

    Also, how are the MBc members supposed to get the $10 during the checkout process? Is there a coupon code they must enter? - Oh I see it in your signature!
  3. wavygravy

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    go! you describe your kits as being more dependable & durable, what makes it so? & does this come with cathalitic converter? what makes it compliant? just curious! please elaborate!!
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    Hummmm I Like the round head great price too I have always had a fancy for the round heads myself! Reminds me of an old R/C boat motor or plane FUN stuff.
    Do you have papers?
  5. Very good looking engine. Great price too. Looks like my Grubee Roundhead......
  6. spunout

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    awhile (couple months) ago, i spoke w/someone there and they told me "the box says PK80 on it" which, i assume meant powerking. but i just purchased a motor 2weeks ago, and the brand on the box said 'raw motors' or something.

    WAVY: there was a sticker on the magneto cover, saying the motor was compliant w/EPA Phase II emissions standards for off-road use motors, with some other desciptions. i forgot to take a pic of it.

    the motorkit was of decent quality. dished sprocket...thats good. all parts/pieces there, complete. LONG exhaust...thats definately a plus. the long exhausts seem to have a little more to offer for bottom-end, as compared to the short-style flat bottom exhausts. hardware decent, too. i'll buy again.
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    RAW engines

    Hi, I'm considering a 80 cc RAW engine. I have a Hardrock Specialized 21 speed MTN bike. I need some specs though. How tall is the engine from bottom to top? I have grib shifters, how do I get around the clutch/throttle issue? Does your engine have a Cat Convertor? Are the carbs phase II?

    Thanks Ron
  8. wavygravy

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    just leave the stickers on the motor when shipped & you should be good to go! go you motoredbiker!:biggrin:
  9. rlsdsurfer

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    Bikeberry please check my post "RAW Engines"
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    Hi rlsdsurfer,

    I apologize for the delayed reply, we had been out of the office and we unable to get to this forum. The height of the engine is 12 inches from bottom to top.

    As for the grip shifter, you may or may not have problems with it depending on the design of it. I have had customers cut the grip part of the shifter/grip and put the throttle of our kit in its place without problems. The clutch should not be an issue, as long as you can mount it on the handlebar.

    The engine does have a cat converter. I apologize, but i am unfamiliar with what is "phase II" carb is, can you please explain and I will answer your question to the best of my ability.

    I hope that answers your questions, please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.
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    We will be having a special 3 day sale this week which will end on NOV. 21st.


    AGAIN THIS SALE ENDS ON NOV. 21st, so act now!

  12. I believe he wants to know if it is compliant with Phase II of C.A.R.B. exhaust restrictions

    C.A.R.B. California Air Resources Board.............
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    The Raw engines are not compliant with the California Air Resource Board restrictions. As far as we know there is no 2 stock bicycle engine available that meets these very strict restrictions.

  14. surfer, There are plenty of EPA and CARB Phase II compliant 2 strokes avail. for MB's. Honda, Tanaka, Mitsubishi, Robin/Subaru. If you need CARB compliancy, I dont think you are going to find it in a Frame Mount kit. Most I have seen are for Rack Mount, such as GEBE, Stanton, Etc.......
  15. wavygravy

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    thats funny on the bikeberry website they say epa compliant? grubee has the papers, how about you! it seems the non issue of epa compliancy is now an issue! just an obsevation, no comments other than that!
  16. It appears reading the thread that the Raw and BikeBerry engines are EPA Compliant, but not C.A.R.B Compliant.
  17. rlsdsurfer

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    Yea wavygravy, I noticed that also! So which is is? I'm being told that NO 2 stroke is EPA/CARB compliant. Then I see that Grubee and Honda 2 stroke cliam to be compliant. I'm trying to stay green as possiable with these lil engines.

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    EPA standards are one thing. CARB standards are another, and much more stringent. Thus, an engine may well be completely EPA compliant, and fail to meet CARB compliancy standards.

    One federal regulatory agency, the EPA. One California state agency, the C.A.R.B.

    Like comparing a seedless tangerine to a pink grapefruit. Both are citrus fruits, but they sure taste different.
  19. rlsdsurfer

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    Thanks for the anology. So some 2 strokes are EPA compliant but not CARB and 4 strokes are/can be both?
  20. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Please specify the details of your warranty

    Where and how do defective parts and engines need to be returned? replaced? etc

    Are there any additional costs to the buyer?

    Are there any limitations on your 6 month warranty?

    Where is this detailed on your website?