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    I recently purchased a silver Motor kit from and installed it with a jack shaft kit from sick bike. After a day of filing and grinding on the parts to make the fit just right, it was time for the first ride. I got it to fire almost right away and took it out to the street for a ride. Less than 20 minuets of run time and a mile from home the muffler decides to fall apart by braking off at the weld. I motored the bike back to the house with only a strait pipe and seized the piston bearing. ( what bearing!!! This motor only has a bushing ) I called bike berry the next day and this is when the problems with customer service at Bikeberry com went from bad to wurst. I had to fight with them to stand behind there product and finely they agreed to send me a new muffler at there expense. When I asked " what about my seized motor " the rep David explained the 30 day guarantee was only if you DON'T INSTALL IT AND RUN GAS THROUGH IT. Once the motor is installed the 30 day warranty is no good! David went on to say I had to take my motor apart and determine what was wrong and return the bad parts to them for replacement. Hence the six month parts replacement warranty is in effect. How many people out there knows how to take a motor apart and put it back together right and make it run? Not many!!! I have sent numerous e mails and have not received any response's back from them. When I call and ask to speak with a supervisor, they put me on hold till I give up. I call yesterday and requested a call back from a supervisor named Jack Lynn and have not received one to date. :snobby:
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    Sounds a little crazy, but I think the no run time warantee is so you can tear down and inspect the engine. If you find a major screwup
    they can make good. Considering the dismal quality, a tear down isn't a bad idea. Upgrading hardware is smart too, a sheared china girl bolt can ruin your day.
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    Sorry to say, it's a get what you pay for situation.If you buy something made in China, you may get good or bad, there's no QC.All these in frame kits (from what I can tell) are the cheapest of the cheap, if you pay under $300 for a complete set up you can expect to buy at least two full set ups.A decent Japanese engine for a rack mount is $300 for the engine alone, more like $500 these days.
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    This is an all to often sad fact. Yes kits from EZ Motorbikes, Staton Inc and GEBE are expensive but these guys stand behind their products. I've got over 5000 miles on my Staton Inc kit with no problems. You truly do get what you're willing to pay for.