Bikeberry discount


biker 61

Anybody else get a discount code from Bikeberry just minutes after you spent all your money? A lot of good that will do ,money already spent.They sent me a Huasheng engine if it is in fact a Huasheng or a knock off,had no label on it whatsoever.


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Dec 13, 2015
Just order parts notice I had to change my billing address only one part came up tap on it.

Then reread the order shipping address same as billing address try to call, I was number 18 in line sent them 4 different emails change of address later try to call number 8 can't stand to wait.

Hope the emails work did not they did not read any, so they think the parts are going to bounce and be returned, then ship the parts to me might be 3 weeks turn around on a part that is ready to collapse.

There full of sh*t, the lady I was renting a postal annex went bankrupt anything going to that address is swipe by her and pawned out for her debt recovery.

Well, I vultured another used part out of my own boneyard because I know this going to drag on for months to reach settlement due to their negligence.