Bikeberry Inferior Quality Gas Tanks

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    Recently purchased a 2.5L Reverse Tank from What a piece of Junk!! [FONT=&amp]The Gas Tank supplied ( 1 of 3 Items ) was of very poor workmanship (Not shown in image or description of product in website). The Tank was not damaged in shipping but the Welding was very very poor and Tank was dented and deformed with all panels warped from the welding process. Other products supplied with this order were in good condition. I'd like to order other components from them but after a sample of Bikeberry after-sales thanks!! [/FONT]

    Contacted them directly asking for a credit on the $39.00 Tank only and not the $80.00 shipping (Other parts ordered were fine) which they refused. Even put a claim in to PayPal which Bikeberry now want me to ship the Tank back to them (from Australia) at a cost of $70.00 for a $39.00 part. Be warned, they know shipping internationally guarantees the products will not be returned so they can ship any rubbish they like. Very, very disappointing.
    It looks like it has been welded by the local playgroup (See Below)

    image y.jpg image x.jpg
    I build quite a few bikes each month here in Australia and are desperately looking for good innovative components from international suppliers, only to get absolutely crap customer service from these bozos, first order out......I know it would be made in China, but you cannot sell rubbish products like this. Buyer Beware.........
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    Yhat's certainly the worst tank I've ever seen! Maybe you could get some junior-high shop student to make some for you, they couldn't do any worse than:shout: that!
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    Both the Grubee and Power King tanks are a lot better than that. I'd barely believe they would ship pure junk like that, thanks for the convincing photos. If you paid by PayPal, your due a replacement. If those tanks went to the US, the D O T would be aroused, as I doubt they hold fuel.