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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member


    Bike Berry has the largest Selection of Bicycle Engine Kits! DVD installation guide. Best Price Guaranteed. Bike Berry is a motorized bicycle dealer in California.

    583 Explorer Street
    (714) 242-4540

    Products: Motorized bicycles, engines kits & parts.
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  2. zackwyldefan

    zackwyldefan Member

    hello is one of the best support people. they answer all your questions way before you even buy from them. i bought a micargi chopper from them and engine kit. my bike's a chopper about which some other said is not good to be bought but bike berry helped me out and assured everything from the bike is absolutely fine. they helped me put this massive chopper together thru emails that are over the count. its been quiet a while since i bought from them and they still help me with everything they can. fast n very reliable. i am glad i picked them. always will.
  3. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    I am happy with my purchase. I am a first time mo. bicycle builder. I bought the 48cc Grubee Skyhawk black painted engine and kit for about $150 shipped.

    I clicked on an ad at this or another mo. bic. site.

    I got everything promised, with lots of spare bolts, gaskets, spark plug, etc, and a long enough chain. There were photocopied instructions in English, surprisingly legible, though it did have some funny malapropisms, such as Tickle Button for primer bulb/button, and a description of the engine as a Roundhead Wingding. hahhaha.

    I didn't like the chain. It is a 415 style, wide with loose rollers floating on the pins. Maybe this is part of the design, but to me it looks like poor manufacturing.

    The muffler didn't fit due to bic. frame construction. This is fair, since its a therefore a "custom" build. I damaged the muffler and didn't expect a replacement without paying. They only offer the same black or silver "poo poo" pipe. They do not offer any with more flexible pipe or different configurations.

    The clutch lever was deformed and poorly assembled. I had to file out the arm's locating ring and press fit it onto the clutch activation rod. (the thing that pushes on the shaft inside the drive gear). I made it work, so I didn't ask for or order another, but I was miffed at the quality control from the motor factory, not bikeberry, since I didn't give them a chance to offer a replacement, but fixed it myself.

    I mounted an alternate muffler and test rode the bike today. I am pleased. The price seems fair. The product seems good. The email/chat service person was polite.

    I gave them a 4 because of the lack of alternate mufflers. Otherwise I'm fine with them. I feel they did not rip me off, because they might not have known the clutch arm part was bad.
  4. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    Excuse me. The clutch hand lever was fine, the clutch arm/lever on the gearcase area was deformed/poorly made. It resembled the mating surfaces of a windshield washer arm and post off a common car (little splines), but they did not readily fit.
  5. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    bought a black 80cc skyhawk from bikeberry... $149 shipped. It came in a timely manner so I bought another in silver just in case they ban them next year.

    I gave them a 5
  6. dougsr.874

    dougsr.874 Active Member

    I called them, they said they had a recoil starter for a HuaSheng 4 cycle engine. I mailed them a M.O. for 29.99, which included 10.00 freight...What I received is a recoil starter for a 2 cycle HT engine....I called and the person who answered seemed to know nothing. He did state that they would accept a return if I return it, freight paid of course, and they would deduct a 50% restocking fee....So I might as well throw this part from them in the garbage....Screwed again.
  7. retromike3

    retromike3 Member

    Ordered a new gas tank from Bikeberry and got it quickly and for a good price.

    Well done!
    Mike Frye -the bike guy
  8. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    Ive ordered three engine kits from them, and whenever Im asked about where to buy an engine I always pass along there website.

    The first two kits arrived to my home quickly as expected with no damage to them.

    The third arrived quick also but it was the wrong engine size, I sent them an e-mail about the problem and they actually called me and said i could return it for an exchange. But since I was excited to get my build going I installed the kit, it was a 48cc engine instead of an 80 cc I had ordered.

    I gave them a 4 only because they did not read the details of my order properly, but there phone call made my day and I would most certainly order from them again.
  9. lsoult

    lsoult Member

    Ordered my kit from, 66cc/80cc.

    I paid with google checkout. There are some bugs to work out there. My account was deducted by google but the order was never placed with bikeberry. I had a hard time getting through to bikeberry customer service. I left several messages and the called back a week later. I could have sworn that the guy that called me was the same guy that did the instructional video. Maybe this is a one man show with the support of an online marketing firm? Well anyway. The guy was nice and apologized. He put my order through right away and gave me free rush shipping to make sure I got ASAP.

    I cant compare them with any other vendor since this was my first time. So I gave them a vote of "average".

    I would use them again. The google checkout thing is no big deal. I would just use another method. And as far a waiting to hear from them, If it is a one man show then more props to him. He could have had a death in the family or something. you never know.
  10. V 35

    V 35 Member

    My items were shipped quickly, at a fair price. I'll buy from them again.
  11. bideronit13

    bideronit13 Member

    I purchased a Macargi 7 speed and it arrived without a scratch on it. The whole transaction is a 5 all the way. Required vary little assembly.
    Thanks again Tom and for asking.
  12. richirich1113

    richirich1113 Member

    There shipping is slow. I ordered parts from sbp, jnmotors, dax and bikeberry all on the same day and within the same hour. sbp ,jnmotors and dax all arrived on the same day (3 days later) i am still waiting for my bikeberry order, its been 6 days now. theres no tracking number to check on so no way to tell when its going to arrive. compared to the others i think they suck.
  13. Samdallas214

    Samdallas214 Member

    My experience with 4 stroke kit
    This time around I did some research and asked a lot of questions before the buy
    (I did not do that with Ebay's boygofast and lived to regret it)

    I called and emailed them several times with before the purchase questions.
    There email answering could be a little quicker but I did get all my emailed questions answered with in 72 hours.
    Phone questions answer right away.

    After receiving the kit there was 2 small problems witch were fixed within a week it only took a week because of shipping and the week end.
    1st was the kit did not have the right chain tensioner, the kit was to come with a tensioner with a bearing, the 1 they sent was without a bearing
    2ed was the Carburetor was pouring out gas as soon as you would turn on the gas come to find out the float pin was missing .
    BB replaced the Chain Tensioner( I did have to send the a picture of the tensioner I got) , and instead of just replacing the pin they replaced the entire carburetor.

    Once I got the new parts I was able to try the engine, I could not get the engine to start regardless of what I did BB spent 2hours with me, and finally got it started.( I had to remove the carb and turn it up to drain the old gas out of the engine itself that fixed it)
    I have had it around a month and I can say it is a great kit, well worth the $350.00 I spent.
    The kit came 99% complete, the only thing I had to replace was the peddles, the kit comes with a 3 piece crank witch has 9/16" peddles my Schwinn came with a 1 piece crank witch comes with 1/2" peddles.
    Over all I can say hasgreat kits and great customer service and knowledgeable helpful people, the next kit I get will come from
  14. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    took over a month to ship my sprocket adapter (placed January 27, shipped March 6). they're placing the blame on manic mechanic or whatever machine shop he uses, and I'm inclined to believe them considering how responsive customer service is.

    I knew I ordered a backordered part but was given a 2 week shipping estimate. When I saw that it hadn't shipped yet towards the end of the quoted week I emailed them asking what was up and received a response the next morning explaining the situation and saying something to the effect that it would hopefully be in by the next week. Rinse and repeat for the past month.

    I'm just hoping that when the package gets here there's an extra sticker to make up for it.
  15. Fast Shag

    Fast Shag Member

    After talking with Dan Buchanan Sr. from HD Lightning cdi about how my cdi didn't work at low rpms ie. not sparking for starting or idling, he gave every excuse that it wasn't his cdi. Changed the mag, coil, rewired, nothing. slapped a stock one on, fired right up! He said I had ONE day to send it to him! 2 months old! I got back to him bout a week later on FB asking his address to send the cdi back for testing......HE BLOCKED ME!!! LOL! Talk about fine customer service! So a couple months later, I call Bikeberry up to see what they could do.(got it from them on sale) It was way past warranty, and they said ship it.....I did and it came back as a BAD CDI. Bikeberry just sent a new one to me! Thanks BIKEBERRY!!!! Great customer service! And for Dan, his son, and his way of business, very poor!!! Let it be heard!!!
  16. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Dan sure is proud of his product. It's a brilliant thing when it works but he's way too up his own ass to be in this business.
  17. rda81422

    rda81422 New Member

    I recently purchased a jackshaft kit from Bikeberry, The kit arrived promptly but was missing assembly instructions. After considerable effort on my part to arrange for them to email me a copy I found out after struggling to find the parts described in the manual that this was not the correct manual at all. It seems they sent a copy of a competitors manual. Why? Because they don't have a manual for their product. After several attempts to assemble this kit through trial and error I was able to get it close. Bikeberry is one of the most incompetent companies, staffed by some of the most incompetent people I have ever dealt with. I am amazed that they actually are in business. Oh and forget about doing anything but a 5 star review on their web page, they wont print any of their customers negative feedback. I write my reviews to protect others from falling victims to companies like Bikeberry. Avoid these guys is my strong suggestion.
  18. Noah Kallies

    Noah Kallies New Member

    Bikeberry sent me a bike that worked for 2 days. I worked for hours. they sent me many parts that didn't fix the bike. at last hope I decided to ask for a refund, they decided to look at it as an opportunity to tell me my warranty is out of date now. my bike was broken on week 2. They knew that the bike was broken by that time. They spent the entire summer sending me useless parts that didn't fix what I needed it to. I want my 300 dollars back. Support ignores any messages from me and just avoid my situation all together.
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  19. Comandoriv

    Comandoriv New Member

    66cc Flying Horse kit for 150$ off amazon was shipped fast and works fine. No real issues with them. I suppose dealing with vendors through amazon or ebay is a preferred method as there is support in case things hit the fan.
  20. Ralph Pierce

    Ralph Pierce Guest

    If you don't enjoy a bit of minor mechanical engineering and tinkering, you might not like building these motorized bikes. In all fairness, what you are getting in engineering vs fun is well worth the little bit of cash you are forking over.

    My experience is as follows: I ordered a 66 cc silver engine and a Micargi Huntington Beach Cruiser. The engine got here in a week. Another part, gas tank bracket, came a week later. My bike took a total of 3 weeks to arrive. Upon opening the box housing the Beach Cruiser, it was love at first sight......very nicely finished and wrapped with care. There was a small ding on the top of the rear fender which I chalked off to experience. The motor came USPS and the bike came Fedex of which the folks there and nothing special and seem to be more worried about where they are going than where the are.

    The video was okay and I had to roll through and repeat a number of scenes which needed to be cleared up. I was lucky to have my wife help me as she is a better engineer than I. We put the rear sprocket on three times after taking it off as it did not align exactly in the orifice as my wife is a perfectionist. We found that it did not matter if the big hole in the rear sprocket didn't line up perfectly.

    As my wife is great company, we had a grand time figuring out the process. Whomever said this endeavor would only take about 3 hours was full of bombast and self aggrandizement as it took us a heck of a lot longer than that. As a consequence of being an old retired dude, this did not concern us.

    We laughed at the Charlie Chaplin manner in which the mechanic in the video hammered out the gas tank holding brackets and then re-bent them with a pair of pliers in order to secure a fit. We found that I would later employ this manner of fabrication to my bike.

    One should note that due to the downward curvature at the rear of the horizontal supporting bar, the rear u bolt of the gas tank would not secure correctly as it was much too high. Also the pet cock (gas on/off switch) tightened all the way so that it stopped on the inside of the bike rather than the outside which created a snafu. I had to bolt a piece of plywood on the rear of the gas tank in order to elevate it enough so that the petcock would function and not jam up on the horizontal bar which also caused it to leak significantly. All told, after making a few adjustments we are now on the street and having a grand time.

    In Utah, where I reside, a motorized bicycle does not require a licensed driver, does not require a title, registration, nor insurance. I have been having a ball knowing that I am screwing the government out of these funds. Also, it allows me to go just about anywhere in town at about the same time element as a full sized auto. I will be getting another “project” in the near future.

    Ralph Pierce
    Tooele, UT