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  1. NJMevec

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    For the cost of the GEBE systems I can get an electric for my needs (a college kid needing a bike to commute to work and college [a max 4 mile ride]) a little cheap 2 or 4 stroke will work great. Winters can get pretty bad but I'll practice good road safety. A 2 stroke 48cc engine (legal limit here) with everything needed is about $170. That's $500 LESS than GEBE kits...are they that much worse? Any opinion will help. I also am confused as to mounting. Looking at a mountain bike as the start but all I've ever seen really done are cruisers and choppers.

  2. dirtwarrior

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    I don't have enough experience to comment.
  3. darwin

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    I've read too many posts to know with electric cheap is not the way to go, they don't last. Range sucks and SLA batts for bicycles suck, quality doesn't exist. If you have a lot of snow friction wouldn't work out so well. There's axle mount kits, have you considered one of those? Try to give you some ideas. 49cc frame mount kit is also affordable but to get it just right your talking GEBE pricing with a quality tranny like a Qmatic or similar. Lots of choices brother, just need to won't get it unless you improve upon the cheap parts you get, = more $$. Good luck!
  4. jaguar

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    cheap electric bikes are terrible.
    Any 26" mountain bike that doesn't have a rear shock absorber will work with these engines.
    But you have to upgrade them a bit to make them reliable which brings the price up.
  5. NJMevec

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    Well I'm thinking of gas now just due to what I thought was the cheaper up front. Is there such a thing as a cheap quality gas setup? If not I may as well buy a nice electric like a Prodeco Outlaw or an EVELO Aries.
  6. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    rose326a on ebay has fairly nice engines for pretty cheap. Last I checked a whole kit from rose was $120 if I remember right
  7. NJMevec

    NJMevec New Member

    Will they fit a standard 26" Mountain Bike?
  8. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    as long as there's enough room in the frame to fit an engine, it'll work
  9. NJMevec

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    How fast will an 80cc engine propel a 195 pound 6' tall guy? Gotta know so I can get DMV stuff in order..
  10. crassius

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    here's where you start to lie like a rug - "it's 49cc & only goes 18mph" - let them try to figure out how to measure anything different from that
  11. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    I'm 210 pounds and when mine was still mostly stock it sent me 28 mph with a 44 tooth sprocket. you can slow it down with a bigger sprocket if you need to
  12. NJMevec

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    NY DMV is very conveluded. A motor assisted bicycle is 100% illegal. However a moped is legal. So. I could just register the thing as a moped and call it a day. Right? A moped going 20 mph or under requires nothing other than a registration and a learner's permit/license. 20-30 I believe requires insurance.
  13. shindog

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    Don't buy from bike berry!

    I worked for 2 weeks on one of the engines they sell to try to get it to work and they won't accept returns. I am not a novice mechanic and do the work on my truck and my 2 Porsches, but couldn't get that motor to work. Total POS. You should at least stand behind your products.
  14. Fly1

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    What could you not get to work? I don't understand, engine does not start & run, does not fit your bike?
    Explain please.
  15. twitch0601

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    I bought my motor from here

    Its sold by bike berry but on eBay I feel alot safer making a purchase with my card than on their website.
    The motor came very quickly 5 days early. The only damage I had was one of the studs was bent but it was ok because I replaced all nuts and bolts.

    Just follow the beginner/noob guide and you should be good.
  16. shindog

    shindog New Member

    Fits fine. Couldn't get any spark, couldn't get the clutch to function properly.
  17. shindog

    shindog New Member

    Totally agree with twitch! If you buy on ebay and you are not happy you have some recourse, good idea not to buy on their web site!