Bikee2 Recumbent Tandem + GX 35 + Nuvinci Developers Kit

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    Hello all;

    I am now in the process of adding a Honda GX35 engine to my Bikee2 recumbent tandem. That, and a Nuvinci developers kit. The goal is to have a bike I can put in the back of my pickup for camping. My wife and I have a very small travel trailer and like to camp and see the sights. We seem to end up in pretty, hilly, areas with scenic spots, gravel roads, and picturesque small towns within a few miles. The idea is to have a vehicle for us to take in the scenery and to ride around these small towns in real time. I also fly a paramotor and my wife and another wife can take off on the bike during fly ins.

    The build is designed for slow and hills. A top speed of ~19 mph, but enough torque to take us both up 16-17% grades at 4-5 mph. The developers kit will give us automatic transmission so my wife can ride up front easily (she complains about the lack of view in back). The 20" rear wheel helps out with torque and gearing.

    I have everything I need and am ~1/2 done. But I am a petroleum engineer, working internationally and am only home half the time. I hope to finish it in April, as I will be back in the midwest on the 4th.

    I'll post some build pix when I get home. I will even show my goof ups, of which I have had a few. But I'm making progress.

    Best to all.

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    Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you've done a bit of homework already and chosen some sound components. Best of luck with it and look forward to your progress and pics.