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    lets see if we can get something together before we get snow a end of year round up RIDE ... ok i have 3 guys numbers that like to go on a small ride im thinking 35 miles trip on the weekend ..the goal is a trip on the great Western trail that is a 15 mile trail that use to be a railroad line that now is converted into bike .horse running type trails.. (i seen lots diffent stuff up there )
    i guess its a 8-10 foot limestone paths with wonderful scenery its governed by the rotary club so no tree police it runs next to north ave rt64 i was amazed on this ride .. its a country setting for sure with farms on the other side of the trail (about 1 miles away)
    10-20 MPH. is safe i think i did about mostly ontill i stopped to pick a apple from a tree lol anyways i can hook up my trailer and bring a cooler with tools and i can carry some yer stuff 4 sure so the trees are changing the trails are light with traffic so lets do this and i took rt 64 all the way there there is a shoulder that made it nice when i went there i took off at night and retured in the morning no hassles from none of them small burbs

    here is a link
    with some maps and pics

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    Hey MasterLink! How goes it? I'm going to have some time in late March (the rest of the family is going on a cruise in the Bahamas....I get "doggie day car" duty at home! Nice, huh? Anyway, I'm thinking I would like to take a day trip on one of those away from the house for 10 hours or something like that. I'm not exactly sure WHERE I'd like to ride....but I would like there to be SOME type of destination. I was thinking of leaving my house in Elgin and heading WEST somewhere. There are a lot of nice, fairly lightly traveled roads out that way.....just not sure how to make a sensible trip out of it. Tell me more about that bike path you're talking it MAB friendly? They allow motorized stuff on it?

    Let me know and thanks,

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    Hey...just checked. This is the bike path that connects up to the one that runs by my house in Elgin. It would be a GREAT trip for me to come from Elgin down to North ave along the river and railroad tracks. UNFORTUNATELY, they don't allow motorized traffic on it. Would we get busted? Probably not....but it's also probably not worth taking a chance, either.

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    yea i seen it posted like once in the 12-20 miles i was on that path i even camped out on that path was so peacefull march might be very cold out yet we will have to se but i think it would be great up there my my freinds have told be they even take dirt bikes up there i didnt see that the days i was up there
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    It's a GREAT trail....I know man.....I used to bike and skate (back when I was inline speedskating competitively) the trail all along the Fox River. I'd LOVE to ride the MAB on that trail....and I'd HATE to get busted for it. I doubt they are patrolled much (if at all)'s just a risk I'm not sure I'm willing to take. I'd hate to lose my bike over something stupid like that, you know?